Junior Profile - Richy Mulcahy

Richy Mulcahy is a 6-4, 270-pound lineman from Mill Creek (Wash.) Henry M. Jackson High School, and while his teammate Craig Chambers will be one of the most highly sought-after recruits in the Northwest this coming fall, Mulcahy is carving a nice path for himself towards some eventual D1 offers.

"I like to play on either side of the ball," Mulcahy told Dawgman.com. "I play tackle on both sides, but if I play offense in college I think I would probably play somewhere inside, like guard."

While most lineman have a preference for which side they enjoy most, Richy doesn't play favorites. "I think I do well because I really know the game," he said. "I do a lot with the guard on my side on offense. When the play is called, we will go to the line of scrimmage and make the line calls or change up and audible based on what the defense is doing. On defense, I'm happy making sure I can take two guys on, letting the linebackers go free. And I guess I got this reputation for having a mean streak because I got kicked out of a game for trying to protect my quarterback. I don't know if it's really warranted. I want to be known for being aggressive, but it's controlled agression."

Not only does he have the mental attributes to excel but Mulcahy can do it physically too. His last 40 time was a 4.9 and his last bench press was 350 pounds. His other current lifting numbers include a 515-pound squat and 255-pound power clean. Those are impressive numbers.

You don't get numbers like that with genes alone. Hard work is also in that recipe, and to that end Richy is the kind to set goals, on and off the gridiron to achieve success. "We went 5-4, which was a disappointment," Mulcahy said about Jackson's 2001 campaign. "We went for a 4-game skid in the middle of the season, which was a killer. But I definitely like to set goals. I put them up in my bedroom. I set goals for myself for both football and track."

Track? The big man likes to throw things, including the shot, discus, javelin. His personal bests are 47'-9" for the shot, 'around 125 feet' for the discus and 145 feet for the javelin.

His main goals are definitely football-oriented. "Well, we definitely would love to win state, but it would be a big deal just to get to state for us," he said. "Our school isn't very old and no team has ever made state before, so that would be our first goal. For me, I was all WesCo last year. I know this may be setting the bar a little high but I want to make All-State this next year. I think I can do it."

If we asked his teammates, what would they say Richy is like out on the field? "I don't really yell or holler that much," he said.. "You could say I lead by example, make sure others can follow my lead. But I'm not one of those guys that get crazy before a game. I definitely want to be by myself before a game, that's for sure."

His intensity and drive have gotten Mulcahy noticed. "I've received letters from Oregon, Arizona State, Washington and Washington State," he said. "I went to junior day (at Washington). It was great. We got a chance to walk on the field at Husky Stadium and also the indoor facility. We saw all the different rooms and all the different things they had there. We also went to a basketball game and all the coaches came by to talk to us. It was nice."

Looks like purple and gold runs in the Mulcahy family, but Richy isn't ready to decide his future just yet. "Well, I have a sister that is going to the U right now and I've always lived in the area, so I know a lot about what Washington has to offer," he said. "But as far as making a choice, I'm totally open right now and wouldn't even think about committing early to any school. I want to take all the trips I can and check everything out."

Richy gave us a glimpse into the busy schedule that lies ahead. "Our team camp is at Western (Washington), so I'll be going to that and I think I'll go to the Husky camp right before that," he said. "I was just invited to go to the Nike camp in Oregon yesterday, so I think I'm going to do that as well."

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