Brockman prepares for freshman season

As summer winds down, the Washington hoop dawgs are hard at work in the gym and in the classroom as they prepare for the upcoming season. One of the biggest – literally – for head coach Lorenzo Romar and his staff in 2005 will be freshman power forward Jon Brockman. Brockman has already enrolled at Washington and spoke with about his summer, a particular recruit he knows pretty well and the health of his brother Paul.

"I've been working out, shooting and lifting and coming down (to Hec Ed) to play," Brockman said following a workout with his roommate Artem Wallace. "It's just a little glimpse of what the season is going to be like and what the next four years are going to be like. I love it and I can't wait for the season to get started because I know it's only going to get better."

One thing Brockman isn't used to is getting "schooled" on the court by anyone, but that hasn't been the case while working out with his new Husky teammates. "It's a different level, it's totally different," a bewildered Brockman said. "The defense is a lot better and you've got to play every single possession or you'll get caught.

"Jamaal Williams has really taught me some stuff. I was guarding him and he's just impossible to guard in the post. I mean his jump hook – you can play it like you know he's going to shoot a jump hook and he'll still get it off and make it."

Last year at this time, Brockman was finishing up AAU tournaments with his Seattle FOH (Friends of Hoop) teammates and he was a little sad not being with his former team. "I've been used to (playing AAU tournaments) since the 8th grade," Brockman said. "It was hard not having a tournament to go to, hanging out with the team and I kinda wish I was there.

"It's kind of a bittersweet thing. When you're doing it last year, you're like ‘Oh, when is this summer going to be over', but I really missed it this summer."

One player Brockman has been in touch with is current Seattle Prep F/C Spencer Hawes who he played with on FOH the last few years. "Last year he made fun of me over all of the attention I was getting, but I was like ‘Spencer it's gonna be ten times worse for you'," Brockman said with a laugh. "I talk to him quite a bit."

So is Brockman recruiting the highly sought-after Seattle prospect to play for the Huskies?

"I'm trying to," Brockman said with a sly grin. "We're pretty good friends so we talk quite a bit. I'd love to play with him. I loved playing with him last year. I love being around the guy. He's not just a great basketball player, but off the court he can get anyone laughing. You just have a good time when you're around Spencer."

After a little more small talk, a question about his brother Paul's health came up and Brockman revealed some interesting news. "They just put a screw in his foot because he has a stress fracture," Brockman said. "It's the exact same thing my sister (Kirsten) had. It was from taking a break (from playing) and then trying to come back too hard. It gets diagnosed as arthritis in your foot at first and the doctor says you can play through it, but it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse and then it breaks.

"It's the bone that when you land, cushions the ankle. It just breaks when it's not flexible. So he had a screw put in. He's still in a walking boot and won't be out until September, something like nine weeks." Paul reshirted last year for Seattle Pacific University.

With the news that both his brother and sister have had the same injury, Husky fans might be holding their collective breaths in anticipation of an injury to the youngest Brockman. Not to worry says Jon.

"I wear orthotics in my shoes," Brockman said laughing. "I think I'm set. I just can't get out of shape is all."

And with that, he heads out of the gym and down to the weight room to continue to prepare for his first year of college basketball.

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