Hoops rumor heating up

The rumor mill heated up to soaring temperatures this afternoon. After two phone calls from newspapers, one TV station, and a quick call to a reporter in Atlanta covering the final four, there's a lot of very heavy speculation about Washington's next potential head coach for the men's basketball program.

Missouri Head Coach Quin Snyder is the one who all of the discussions are being focused.

Snyder, a Mercer Island High School graduate, is said to be vacationing out of town at the time this is being written. But if you are looking for smoke, there is plenty of it on the rumor trail.

Snyder is one of at least three known candidates for the open position that became available when Bob Bender resigned his post.

In an exchange of information with another media outlet this afternoon, we were notified that there was information that pointed to Quin Snyder as being the next UW men's baskeball coach.

The financial numbers mentioned were similar to ones reported on a Missouri internet site (missouri.theinsiders.com) late last night. The website contained a post from a Missouri fan (that the site operator deemed as "having a good track record") that said Snyder would accept the Washington job.

We placed a phone call to Atlanta to a reporter we know, and he confirmed that there was a "rather large buzz" going on at the Final Four in reference to the 'Snyder to Washington' rumor.

Earlier, a source close to the Husky men's basketball program called Snyder "The number one guy" in the coaching search.

Another source inside an NBA franchise's front office also called and told us that Snyder to Washington could be a done deal in principle, meaning that financial considerations still would need to be worked out.

What does all of this mean? Not a darn thing.

The Missouri Athletic Department did not know anything about the rumor as of this afternoon, and a newspaper reporter that covers the Tigers said that they would be "extremely surprised" if Snyder left.

Washington's athletic department is not discussing their coaching search.

So there you have it. A bunch of rumors that remain unconfirmed at this time.

Also, always keep in mind that Barbara Hedges can keep a secret better than anyone. She and her staff are excellent at not leaking any information out so perhaps these rumors are a bit too "over the table" to be true?

More to come....

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