Montgomery "kicks it" at Montlake

Even though he committed to Washington over two weeks ago, Rancho Cordova RB James Montgomery still wanted to drive up to Seattle to check out the Montlake campus for a second time and he met up with some of his fellow Huskies while he was in town. was able to reach James before he headed out for dinner with his buddies and he told us about his trip.

"It was nice, basically like every other unofficial," Montgomery said with a laugh. "It was really cool because we got to kick it on top of the Stadium and watch the Blue Angels fly around. That was cool.

"This visit was basically about just getting to know Seattle more and the area, especially the U-District. I love the area."

James and several friends made the drive all the way from Northern California, arriving in Seattle early Friday and then he got a chance to meet up with a few of his fellow Husky commits.

"(Ryan) Tolar arrived a hour late, but he and (Cameron) Elisara and I went to QFC and got some sandwiches," James said. "(Steve) Schilling was there to. We didn't talk a lot about football, we just got to know each other. We just kicked it.

"I hung out around the football offices a lot. I met with coach (Trent) Miles and we watched a little film, but not much. I just kinda got to see how they do things and what they are planning to do. It was cool."

Montgomery said during the visit the visitors were broken up into two groups and shown around, seeing the academic areas, the athletic facilities and the new Conibear Shellhouse on the lake.

"The whole visit was nice. The weather is really nice too. I know I made the right choice," Montgomery said.

So do Husky fans James. Top Stories