Merrill loves his visit to UW

Even though he doesn't have an offer from Washington, Gig Harbor (Wash.) HS S Jake Merrill is still excited about what is going on with the Husky football program. He was in attendance at the UW prospect day held this weekend and was able to get his thoughts on the visit as well as where he is at in recruiting.

"The visit was long, but it couldn't have gone any better," a worn out Merrill said. "I arrived at 10 this morning and I was the first one there. Most of the players arrived right after I did. "After we hung around for a little while, coach (Tyrone) Willingham came in and introduced himself to all the parents of the players and sort of introduced himself to all of us again. Then the new athletic director (Todd Turner) came in and showed us all of the renovation plans for the stadium, the facilities and all of the athletic offices. That was really cool." Jake and his parents, along with his younger brother, met personally with coach Willingham in his office and the head man of the Dawgs had some interesting things to tell Merrill. "He told me to be patient, because they like me a lot," Merrill said excitedly. "I'm willing to be patient because I love the Huskies. I've loved them since I knew about football and that was a while back. "I also met with coach (Steve) Wilkes and I already have a really good relationship with him. We get along so well and I know I would fit well in the program. The said they need to figure out what their needs are at the different positions and to be honest I don't really care where I play. I could play linebacker or safety. I would make a great WIL because I can add 30 pounds and still keep my 4.5 speed." He paused and then added with a laugh, "I could even get a little faster, like in the high 4.4's." Soon thereafter, the players were split up into groups – Jake was paired with the other DB's in attendance (Shareece Wright, Devin Ross and Brandon Jones) – and they were shown around campus and the athletic facilities. "Jamie Kohler gave us a tour of the campus. It was really cool to see all of the buildings of where I might be learning and stuff. We also saw the weight room and the new student-athlete center (Connibear Shellhouse). "During lunch all of us recruits went to the roof of the stadium and watched the Blue Angels fly around. That was so cool." Later Merrill got down to business, talking with several current players including QB Isaiah Stanback, S Darrin Harris, S Dashon Goldson, LB Daniel Howell and RB Johnnie Kirton. "That dude is big," Merrill said with admiration in his voice. "He's 275 with 4.6 speed." Merrill,who claims one offer from Oregon State, said he isn't ready to make a decision, but if the right offer came along he might not be able to refuse it. "I don't care what my stars are. I don't care if I'm a one star or a five star," Merrill said sounding like he was ready to tackle somebody at that very moment. "Basically I look at it like this: Whether I'm a five star or a one star, when we all walk on that field that first day, we're all equal. Then we can see who the real players are." If the Huskies decide they want him, Merrill may have found the offer he can't refuse. Top Stories