Pre-Season Breakdown - Street & Smith

In our series of pre-season magazine previews, the next on the list is Street & Smith's 2005 breakdown . They predict an 8th-place finish for the Huskies, pretty optimistic as the pre-season sages go, but when it comes to singling out players they are some glaring omissions.

All-Americans (1st, 2nd, 3rd and HM): USC (13)
Matt Leinart - 1st Team
Reggie Bush - 1st Team
Darnell Bing - 1st Team
Dwayne Jarrett - HM
Steve Smith - HM
Dominique Byrd - HM
Sam Baker - HM
Jeff Byers - HM
Lawrence Jackson - HM
Manuel Wright - HM
Dallas Sartz - HM
Justin Wyatt - HM
Tom Malone - HM

California (9)
Marvin Philip - 1st Team
Ryan O'Callaghan - 3rd Team
Marshawn Lynch - HM
Andrew Cameron - HM
Aaron Merz - HM
Brandon Mebane - HM
Donnie McCleskey - HM
Daymeion Hughes - HM
Harrison Smith - HM

UCLA (9)
Spencer Havner - 1st Team
Marcedes Lewis - 2nd Team
Jarrad Page - 2nd Team
Maurice Drew - 3rd Team
Mike McCloskey - HM
Ed Blanton - HM
Justin Medlock - HM
Kevin Brown - HM
Justin London - HM

Arizona State (6)
Zach Miller - 1st Team
Grayling Love - 3rd Team
Derek Hagan - HM
Terry Richardson - HM
Dale Robinson - HM
Jamar Williams - HM

Oregon (6)
Haloti Ngata - 2nd Team
Terrence Whitehead - HM
Demetrius Williams - HM
Tim Day - HM
Devan Long - HM
Aaron Gipson - HM

Oregon State (6)
Mike Hass - 1st Team
Joe Newton - HM
Alexis Serna - HM
Trent Bray - HM
Keith Ellison - HM
Sabby Piscitelli - HM

Washington State (6)
Jason Hill - HM
Nick Mihlhauser - HM
Michael Bumpus - HM
Will Derting - HM
Scott Davis - HM
Kyle Basler - HM

Arizona (3)
Darrell Brooks - 1st Team
Mike Bell - HM
Antoine Cason - HM

Washington (2)
Jordan White-Frisbee - HM
Joe Lobendahn - HM

Top 25: USC (1)
California (20)
Oregon (22)

Pre-Season Pac-10 Rankings: USC

Pac-10 Recruiting Classes: USC

Washington Season Preview: So here he is, poised to rebuild another sagging program. Tyrone Willingham did it at Stanford and at Notre Dame, and now he's set to re-inflate Washington. But life in Seattle is not the same as life in South Bend, Ind.

For one thing, the coffee's better. For another , the traffic's worse. Oh, and there's one more significant difference: Willingham doesn't have nearly as much talent at his disposal this fall as he did during his rookie season at Notre Dame, when he turned the Irish into a national player and was the tast of college football.

That's not to say Willingham won't win in Seattle. He will. He just won't win big this season. The combination of 20 returning starters and Willingham's discipline-heavy style should get things stabilized immediately. That means three or four wins and a respectable showing most Saturdays.

"It is possible for me to expect them to be able to do everything in our system, but it is not realistic," Willingham says.

But there isn't enough elite talent for the Huskies to climb into the Pac-10's upper division. The talent pool has been ravaged by former coach Rick Neuheisel's poor recruiting decisions - he spent too much time pursuing elite players who were unlikely to sign with UW - and Keith Gilbertson's poor on-field performance. Remember the days when the Huskies' second-stringers were potential NFL draftees? Now most of the starters aren't even pro prospects, which explains Washington's 1-10 record in '04, its first losing season since 1976.

The Huskies had the worst offense and the worst defense in the league, and only a victory over lowly San Jose State kept them from going oh-fer.

Nowhere is the talent drop more evident than at quarterback, the position that doomed Washington last season. Casey Paus was terrible (5 TD's, 17 INT's), and neither Isaiah Stanback nor Carl Bonnell were any better. They're still back this season, along with Oregon transfer Johnny DuRocher. Although Willingham did not name a starter during spring practice, the smart money is on Stanback, a junior who is a threat with his feet and arm. Top Stories