Leadership is the key for Goldson

Following a disastrous 1-10 campaign - his first in the Washington program - soft-spoken safety Dashon Goldson is ready to help the Dawgs in their return to pigskin glory in his second season. Goldson sat down with Dawgman.com and talked about last year, the upcoming season and the leadership role he is prepared to take on.

"Last year was rough," Goldson said with raised eyebrows and a shake of his head. "We had a lot of ups and downs. We did some good things, but obviously not enough good things to have a winning season, but this year I think everybody's got their head on straight."

Goldson, a junior, mentioned the turnout over the summer that really showed the dedication of a team that is ready to rebound. "We had a really good turnout during the summer," Goldson said. "Everybody was working hard, getting bigger and faster and really that is what we needed. I think we're going to go ahead and do some good things this summer."

When asked what a realistic goal was for the team this season, Goldson got a funny look on his face and then said matter-of-factly, "You've always got to think big. Ain't nobody gonna come in here and tell me that winning more than we lose is our goal. We always think big because we're Huskies. That's why we play the games. We're gonna do what we have to do and see what happens."

Last year, Jimmy Newell was seen as the leader of the deep third. The coaches even referred to Newell as "a coach on the field". Now that Jimmy has graduated, Goldson says it's his turn to lead the secondary. "I've got to be the coach now," he said with a confident smile on his face. "The free safety has to be the quarterback on defense. I'm taking a big step and putting it on myself to be a leader out there and make sure everybody is ready to go.

"I'm all about winning football games Whatever I've got to do to help my team win that's what I'm going to do."

Looks like the coaches have found one of their leaders.

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