Player reaction to Romar hiring

When Lorenzo Romar was hired this afternoon by the University of Washington to take over for departed coach Bob Bender, fans were curious as to player reaction. Well, the players just want to know one thing - who IS Lorenzo Romar?

"It's funny, but I didn't even know he had played for U-Dub until this afternoon," UW signee Brandon Roy told this evening. "I did talk to Doug Wrenn today about him."

So what did the sophomore from O'Dea say about his new coach? "He said he didn't know too much about him but that from what he knew he's a pretty straightforward guy," Roy said. "He's never played for him but heard he's a good coach. He doesn't know too much about him personally, so that's what we want to know first."

Brandon and his Garfield teammate Anthony Washington were put in an awkward position when Bender left, leaving Roy to ponder just what his future might hold. Would he stick it out with the Huskies and their new head coach, or would he apply to have his letter-of-intent revoked so he could pursue other options?

Well, now that Romar will officially be introduced to the Husky faithful tomorrow at 2:30 at Hec Ed Pavilion, has Brandon's opinion changed?

To be honest, I just don't know much about him at all," he said candidly. "I really don't know anything at all. But as of right now, I want to stay at U-Dub. I want to get to know him, give him a chance to see what he can do." Top Stories