Coach's Corner

There is no question that the Trojans are really starting to bug me. It is bad enough that they are clearly the team to beat in the conference and then they have to go and take a kid right out from under Washington's nose.

It broke my heart, but you have to admit, they are really good. REEEEEALLY GOOD.

They are obviously still doing a wonderful in recruiting. Getting a Seattle kid to live in LA, especially considering where USC is located, is still a hard sell. Regardless, they continue to dominate and I just want to know when they will be brought back in to the same stratosphere that the other college teams are playing in.

One thing to learn, though, and that is in recruiting you really just have to let it go. You can't worry about losing a kid, you better be concerned with who you get. There are always kids who want to go away to school and even if you give it your best shot, they still go away to school.

Sure, it hurts to lose such a quality young man as Taylor Mays, and it is the idea of local domain that rubs it in. Regardless, the decision has been made, and if I know Coach (Tyrone) Willingham, then it will be honored by the Huskies and the program will go on. You will not see the Huskies trying to change his mind.

Of course, if he did, they would gladly welcome him back.

Throughout the years the Huskies have been disappointed by many kids leaving O'Dea for other parts of the country. Usually it's been to Notre Dame but for some reason some outstanding prospects from that small talent-rich school have shunned the local team.

Obviously when you are a 1-10 team your stuff is weak from the selling standpoint. Still, this is a new era and after what happened to the Stewart twins from Rainier Beach in LA, you would think playing before your family and friends in your home town would be incentive to stay.

It's really getting to the point where that team from LA is just steam rolling. On or off the field they are winning. They are proclaimed to be the best before they even play a game. I guess that only makes sense, but eventually they will be beaten and they will have to come back just like Miami and Florida State did in the late nineties or Oklahoma did in the late eighties. It all runs in cycles, and USC's has been going on three years now.

You've really got to hand it to Pete Carroll. He went from being fired in the NFL (twice) to winning 82% of his games since he has been with the Trojans. He has won back to back National Championships, much less running roughshod through the Pac-10.

This is like a runaway locomotive, and the only way the rest of the league is going to feel any better is if the Trojans lose a couple of games.

The bubble may not burst but if someone could just take some air out it a little, that would be something. How about letting them go 10-2 this year and go to the Holiday Bowl? That would be at least human. It would be good for their players and be tremendous for the conference.

But who will beat them twice? That is the question.

The reality is that the conference again belongs to USC. They have won 11 National Titles and are the center of the Pac-10 universe. What else can be said? They are the in the biggest city with the baddest team, and they are the best. We just need to find the chink in the armor.

It is obvious that beating the USC Trojans will become the benchmark for the Tyrone Willingham era. When they finally beat the Trojans, then the Huskies will be considered "back". Coach Willingham did it a number of times when he was at Stanford and the Huskies beat the men of Troy 5 times in the nineties while losing only three and tying once.

It can be done, but maybe someone should consider getting Pete another shot at the pros so that he won't feel like he left something undone at that level. What do you say, Pete?

It appears to me that it is time to put USC in the Yankee category, where everyone roots against them no matter who they are playing because they are so good. It's called "collective negative vibrations".

And then perhaps we wouldn't have to worry about them recruiting our local products. Top Stories