Christopher taking his time

Playing in front of big crowds and in the spotlight is nothing new to Compton (Calif.) Dominguez shooting guard Patrick Christopher. The young man from southern California has played in many AAU tournaments and has had some very high-profile observers take in some of his games. This year, Christopher played for a new AAU team and he told it was a very different experience for him.

"It was a pretty good," Christopher said of his time at the Las Vegas Midnight Madness tournament in July. "I played for H-Squad, also known as Team Danny Williams, out there.

"It was the first time for me being on a team where I wasn't the go-to guy."

So who took over that role? Davon Jefferson.

"It was pretty cool," Christopher said. "I played against him last year in my high school. He's actually a pretty close friend to me. It was a good experience playing with him."

While in Sin City, Christopher had a chance to play in front of a large audience that included a who's-who of Top 25 coaches. Christopher said it was a little strange to see the faces of Bobby Knight, Lute Olson, Roy Williams, Tubby Smith, et al at his games.

"Oh man, sometimes you want to just burst out and shake their hand and say something to them because there are so many of them," Christopher said not sounding too star-struck. "It's kind of different playing in front of them, but playing basketball for so many years you kind of get over it, playing on a big stage and stuff like that. I really enjoyed it though."

One coach who Christopher has had a lot of contact with is Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar. "I talked to coach Romar just last week," Christopher said. "We just talk about general stuff. We have pretty good conversations. If it's not about basketball, it's about life. He's a pretty cool guy."

After making an early commitment to California, Christopher opened up his recruiting and has received scholarship offers from Texas and UW to go with his one from the Golden Bears. Christopher is also hearing a lot from UNLV, Virginia and Miami.

As far as official visits are concerned, Christopher is taking the slow and steady approach. "I'm waiting and I'm going to sit down with my mom and (Dominguez head coach Russell Otis) and get all that situated at the end of this month."

Any sure bets on who might get a visit? "I would say Washington is definitely a place I'm planning on visiting," Christopher said matter-of-factly.

But right now Christopher is planning for his senior season of high school, which starts on August 29th. "I've already taken my two weeks of vacation," Christopher said laughing. "So now it's back into the weight room and back to the lab."

No doubt concocting a way to figure out where he's headed to college in 2006.

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