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After a summer of AAU basketball and a trip to France with an all-star team, Seattle Prep big-man Spencer Hawes is preparing for his senior season and the deluge of calls and interviews that are on the way in relation to his recruiting. Dawgman.com was able to talk to Hawes recently and he filled us in on how his summer went, how recruiting is going and some players who impressed him this summer.

"I think that I played pretty well (this summer)," Hawes said noting he still wasn't completely satisfied with his play. "There were a couple things I wasn't as happy with that I could have been, but that's how you know what you have to improve on and that's how you learn that. Overall I was pretty happy with it though.

"I was really lucky because I got to travel to France and I got to go to Oregon for the Nike Skills Academy. I got to meet so many guys from different areas and backgrounds. You get a chance to know people who are in your shoes and what you're going through."

Three players that really impressed Hawes were Tywon Lawson, Deshawn Sims and Kevin Durant, all teammates on the trip to France.

"(Lawson) showed me in France his ability to take over a game down the stretch when we needed buckets consistently time after time," an amazed Hawes said. "(Sims) is a guy who wasn't really as high up there before the summer started, but he really came out and showed me a lot of stuff that I didn't know he had. I saw him last summer, but when I saw him this summer in France and at the Nike camp, he really proved he is one of the top dogs.

"(Durant) is just super-talented. He's like a 6-10 shooting guard."

Besides basketball, the summer has been pretty laid back for the one of the nation's top recruits. He spent time with his friends at their cabins and relaxed knowing that once September comes, his free-time is over.

"There's ton's of pressure right now, pretty much at all times," Hawes admitted regarding his recruitment. "You'd like to be able to get away from it and distance yourself for a second, but you have a hard time doing it, especially from the Washington side and the Washington fans.

"You can kinda compare it to what just happened with Taylor Mays choosing USC. You see what happens when you go against the hometown. There's definitely a lot of pressure, not just from Washington, but all the schools and the writers and even people who aren't really involved in the process who kinda like to get on the inside of it.

"It's something you have to try and handle the right way and do to the best of your abilities and that's what I'm trying to do.

"I talk to (Mays) all the time. I saw it from both angles. I saw how everyone from the Washington sites were perceiving it and I saw what he was actually thinking, so that was kind of interesting."

As far as Hawes' recruitment, he has set two official visits up at this point and is working on two others. "Right now my top four are Stanford, Washington, North Carolina and Connecticut," Hawes said. "I've set up two visits, one to Stanford (9/17) and one to Carolina (9/23). I'm not sure what I'm doing with the other two right now (concerning his official visits)."

Hawes claims no leader and said no timeline has been set for when a decision might be made.

Spencer Hawes

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