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America's Game
Race Bannon

There really isn't even an argument anymore as to which sport is America's game. Football is king and the throne appears secure for years to come. Football has everything going for it except Tiger Woods. And even Tiger and his fellow guys in the funny pants step aside come September when the games begin.

Baseball was pre-World War Two America; Football is post-World War Two America. Baseball was pastoral farm land America, Football is military industrial America. Baseball is 78-rpm records, Football is iPods. With a skillful finger on the Tivo button, a football game can be watched in the quick edit fashion to which we have all become addicted.

However, our readers don't come here for a bad imitation of George Will writing about how Tony LaRussa trims his nose hair, they come here for the daring insight that can only be found in this award winning world wide magazine. As we prepare for our 110th year of publishing, we once again assure our readers that they will get the finest football coverage possible even if we have to make it up.

Without you, our dear readers, we'd have to go find some more. Now on to week 1!
Willingham era to begin on the road Race "Ace" Bannon

I admit to some mixed loyalties for this one, as I recall my days as a pilot at the video arcade. My respect for the brave men and women of the Air Force knows no bounds. As Jim Lambright once pointed out, these guys train to fight for their country; they aren't going to get too nervous over a football game. That was before the coach's last game at UW, yet another loss to Air Force. Let's face it, these guys own us.

Yet, they don't go unbeaten every year, so it is possible to beat them. We think.

It will be a long road trip for the Purple and Gold and an altitude game as Quest Field sits 30 or 40 feet above Puget Sound. The bags will be packed and the team will charter to Sea Tac for the long flight to Downtown Seattle.

All of the local media and the Husky faithful anxiously wonder who the starting quarterback will be. Coach Willingham will announce the starter mid way through the third quarter. Our spy at practice says that Felix Sweetman is still getting most of the reps with the first string.

By all accounts it has been a spirited fall camp and the bubbling optimism that arrives with the changing of the leaves is once again among us. We have a new coach, a new attitude and hopefully new results in the win column.

Blessedly absent this summer were any off field issues to distract us from worrying about on field issues.

The lines on offense and defense are in their best shape in years. Running back is another position of strength. Linebackers are making their mark and the overall defense is shining in camp.

This will be a surprise comeback year for the Dawgs, and it starts on Saturday with a big win over the Fly Boys from Colorado Springs.

UW – 24, USAFA – 20
Houston – You have a problem
Mallard N. Moore

The problem facing Houston is a visit from the Mighty Ducks of Oregon in a Thursday night lid lifter available on ESPN Deportes.

Head coach Mike Bellotti has a bad taste in his mouth from last season's epic collapse from 5-3 to 5-6 as predicted right here in DFI.

"I have a bad taste in my mouth from last season's epic collapse from 5-3 to 5-6" confirmed Mike Bellotti as he watched the secret video on Ernie Kent with Bill Moos and Phil Knight. "However I was able to fire some assistants to keep the focus off of me and we are hoping that our new offense will be less offensive to the fans," he finished as he realized the tape was his salvation in the event of another losing season.

Gary Crowton comes to Eugene from BYU where he was the master of WAC gimmick offenses. Kelley "is he still here?" Clemmons will once again try to live up to the hype that came with his recruitment several years ago. Johnny DuRocher stands in the wings to transfer back if Clemmons fails again. (Editors Note: We do not agree with this cheap shot taken at a Husky player by a Duck writer)

The defense will once again be led by Haoli Ngatta and once again he won't be enough to stop opposing offenses from lighting up the burnt toast like Duck secondary. (Editors Note: We have no problem with this cheap shot)

Houston is an unknown quantity because I did no research on them. How tough could they be? Wasn't that where John Jenkins showed porn films instead of game films? This will be a walk over for Oregon.

UO – 34, UH – 12

(Editors Note: Oregon is going down hard)
Outraged Trojans must play the games
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

The reaction was outrage at Simpson Hall as word came down from the NCAA that USC would actually have to play out their schedule on the field this season.

"It looks to me like it is unanimous that we will win our third straight national championship, if you go by the pre season media," pointed out Pete Carroll as he was fanned by virgins and fed grapes by his concubines. "Why should we risk injury to our future NFL All Pros by actually going on the field to play the game?"

"We could be getting ready for the combine; instead we have to get ready to play the 9 Dwarves" complained Reggie Bush as he pointed out a smudge on the wax applied by a Bruin grad on his ‘05 Heisman Trophy that already sits by his side.

Alas, the NCAA is the final decision maker and the Trojans will get on a plane to fly to Hawaii for the season opener. It's tough, but someone has to do it.

USC – 84, Hawaii 5-0
other news…..- The Washington State Cougars travel to Martin P. Vandal Stadium to play their bitter rival, Idaho. This is probably WSU's toughest non conference game this year . . . Yes Virginia, that is pathetic . . . the other illustrated magazine called it the third wimpiest schedule in America . . . the Cougs remain underrated . . . . not to be outdone, defending Northwest Cup holder, Oregon State, hosts Portland State. If they can contain Neil Lomax, they have a good shot . . . .UCLA plays San Diego State, ASU plays Temple, and Cal plays Sacramento State as the Conference of Champions become the Conference of Cupcakes. Hostess would be proud of us . . . . The SEC may sue for copyright infringement . . . . Arizona travels to Utah to face the depleted Utes.

Around the Nation… - The Weiss era begins at Notre Dame with a match up against Pitt…not a lot of great games on opening weekend, but Monday night brings the epic MiamiFlorida State game….That is always must see TV….Boise State attempts to make the lights go out in Georgia…take them lightly at your own risk Bulldog fans……BSU is not your father's SEC cupcake….we are thrilled to be back with all our friends and readers….See you at Qwest and GO DAWGS! – Race. Top Stories