A chat with the coordinators

Husky Defensive coordinator Tim Hundley was excited about the performance of his defense this afternoon's scrimmage. Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson was also pleased with the way his first unit performed.

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Defensive Coordinator Tim Hundley:

"I thought we were crisp today. On both sides of the ball, there were guys flying around. I am anxious to see the video tonight and this weekend to see if we are in the right place most of the time. We appeared to be."

On the Safety position: "At the end of spring will be a better time to evaluate that position. We get a lot of looks, a lot of play action, a lot of sets and a lot of different things run at us that will really help us. For a guy like Evan who needs to see a lot of these things, the spring is a big thing for him. It is like four games."

On Evan Benjamin: "Evan is a good football player. He is a guy that was supposed to be out for a couple weeks with an injury and he just missed one day. He wants to play. The only way he can figure out if he can get in the lineup is if he comes out here with live bullets being fired. I thought he did a nice job today."

General comments about the line: "I think the biggest issue with us right now is that we get some push from our tackles. We have Terry Johnson playing some end, but if we don't get great push from some guys that are young, but capable, then we will have to move him back inside. We would like to be able to play him at our bigger end (HUSKY). Manase Hopoi has come along in that regard, (so) he may be able to play there, too. Obviously, we have a freshman, Donny Mateaki, coming in. We would like to have a starting lineup established here, but if we don't, we'll look at Donny at that time. Graham Lasee is another guy at big end who is working to get in there. Push by the tackles is a big thing. Anthony Kelley is playing our weakside (REB) end for us, so are Kai Ellis and Houdini Jackson. We could be pretty good there if they come back and are healthy. The issue for us is to be better at tackle."

On the progress: "We aren't comfortable with where we are yet, but we have young guys that get the whole spring. Each day it seems like they are getting better, in terms of pad level and get-off. I like the way they are working and the way they are being pushed."
Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson

"I was pleased with the first offense for most of the day. I thought on the first two or three drives, they were pretty consistent, and had a good balance of run and pass. Guys made some good catches and some good throws. I thought they fell off a little bit later on when they stood and watched the others. When we brought them back out, I thought they lost some crispness. But, I am pleased because the first team didn't throw an interception, we had no off-sides, and we didn't fumble. We missed Kevin Ware and Andre Reeves today, so we were minus two starters who were at a funeral today. I thought the freshmen tight ends did some good things and I thought Robin Meadow did well at strong tackle."

On the quarterbacks: "This was probably the best we've thrown the ball all spring. We weren't real sharp throwing the ball earlier in the spring, but the more that Cody throws and knocks the rust off, the better he gets. I thought he was better today and I thought that Taylor (Barton) also threw the ball very well today. I am pleased with those two guys."

On the running game: "I thought the running backs hit it up in there and the fullbacks blocked well. I think Zach (Tuiasosopo) has found a home. We have to create some run game for Zach. We've only got one or two plays for him just to give him a chance to carry the ball some and to get him in the passing game more. He can catch, but there is a lot of offense he doesn't know yet. That will just take time, but I am pleased with all of that. Rich (Alexis) and Braxton (Cleman) will split time with the first team. It is too early to say who is a starter because they both do good things. We don't have a big run package in yet. Then we have Chris Singleton and Jelani Harrison. Jelani keeps impressing, all he does is get yards. He has had a good spring. If he can stay healthy, there is a good chance he can get in the picture and compete."

On the tight ends: "Kevin Ware is really a good player. He is experienced and has played a lot of football here. I think Joe Toledo does a lot of nice things and will be a good player. Andy (Heater) was better today than he has been. For these freshmen, they have never had any of this before. So all of the language and all of the offense are new to them. They have a lot to learn and a lot to remember. But I think they will give us some good depth at that spot.

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