Montgomery visits Huskyville

When he committed to the Huskies over two months ago, Husky fans jumped for joy that Rancho Cordova (Calif.) RB James Montgomery would be donning the purple and gold. This past weekend, Montgomery took in the sites and sounds of gameday on the shores of Lake Washington and was able to catch up with the talented back from northern California and he updated us on his official visit and his level of commitment to the Dawgs.

"I've been up (in Seattle) four times," Montgomery said. "I really wanted to see the Notre Dame game. I wanted to take my official visit this weekend so I could see the Notre Dame game."

Montgomery has been a busy young man so far this fall, gashing (3-0) Rancho Cordova opponents for 550 yards and 11 touchdowns in their three games. Winning their section is the goal, but Montgomery says if he were to concentrate on individual goals it would be much harder to achieve personal bests.

"If I try to get too many personal goals, it just puts too much pressure on myself," Montgomery admitted. "I start playing all out of whack. I don't want to do that."

After his team defeated Bella Vista (Fair Oaks) HS 34-13 on Friday night – a game in which Montgomery ran for 255 yards and 3 touchdowns – Montgomery hopped an early flight on Saturday morning to be in Seattle for his visit.

"I had about two hours of sleep from Friday night," Montgomery said with a chuckle. "I had a seven o'clock flight to Seattle. From there, we went to the team hotel. After we ate breakfast, I hopped on the bus with the team and then we went to the game.

"I had an academic meeting with the new academic coordinator and pregame on the field. Then I sat in the bleachers. It was me, Steve Schilling, Ryan Tolar, and Cameron Elisara. It was packed. They just made a couple of mistakes. Those two fumbles really hurt along with that interception in the red zone.

"After the game we went up in the football offices and had a meeting with coach (Tyrone) Willingham and then I went to dinner with coach (Bob) Simmons."

Following his dinner with the coach, Montgomery, Schilling, Elisara, Tolar and QB Jake Locker, who was also at the game on Saturday, spent some time with some of the younger players on the Husky squad.

"I got to hang out with E.J. Savannah, J.R. Hasty, Darion Jones, Ben Ossai and Chris Stevens," Montgomery said, noting it was nice to have some local guys to show him around. "They like (Washington) a lot. They were telling me about how coach Willingham takes care of you. Even outside of football he takes care of you.

"E.J and J.R. are from Washington so they showed me around Bellevue. It was like a new experience for me. We just chilled. Then we met up with Steve and drove around with him.

"Everybody's cool. I felt right at home. I would rate the visit a ten."

When Montgomery and his fellow commits hung out with Schilling, he said they didn't put any pressure on the big man from Bellevue.

"We're just hanging out like that," Montgomery said. "We don't put any pressure on Steve, because it's his decision. When I ask him who his favorite is, he says, ‘If I had a favorite, that's where I'd be going'.

"Steve is Steve. He's a cool dude."

Rumors have circulated recently that Montgomery may take a visit to one or two of the California schools, but Montgomery said that has been blown way out of proportion.

"My mom wants me to stay in California," Montgomery said, acknowledging that because he's the youngest it's been tough on her. "I'm comfortable about (my decision), it's my mom who isn't. It will probably be up to her, but I don't think she'll push me too hard (to take any more visits)."

Montgomery said his mother likes Cal, but he didn't see a need to take a visit to see the Golden Bears. "They're right down the street," Montgomery said dismissively. "There's no need to take a visit there, I mean…what's the point?

"We're all 100% committed to UW!"

That's music to Washington football fans' ears.

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