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Pluck of the Irish
Race Bannon

Head official Jimmy "Irish Red" O'Doul denied any foul play on the part of the Big 11 crew at Husky Stadium on Saturday past as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish slapped the home town eleven with a 36-17 loss.

"I swear on me mother's grave in Ireland that the good Priests at me Catholic school would never raise a cheater."

In the interest of journalistic accuracy, the Huskies' wounds were largely self inflicted; the cheating and incompetent refs are merely a convenient target to unload some wrath on as Husky fans continue to suffer under a deluge of losses in this once proud program. We certainly don't want to be confused with the whining Dan Fouts, still complaining as we went to press over the officiating at Autzen on Saturday. Our team coverage will give you more on that later in this issue.

The Huskies opened the game with a brilliant drive that had observers wondering which side of the field the offensive genius was on. Tim Lappano continues to be a bright spot as his work with Isaiah Stanback and the offense shows the greatest improvement on the team. Alas the drive died with a turnover on the Irish one yard line and the pattern of the day was set.

Kent Baer played a bend a whole lot but don't break defense that had He Who Has 4 Super Bowl Rings forced to play between the 20 yards lines. The Husky D would stiffen and force field goal attempts and also had two 4th down stops with their backs against their goal line.

However the Husky offense was playing their own maddeningly frustrating game of between the 20's as well, capping solid drives with bonehead turnovers. It was a total team effort as many players contributed to the self inflicted carnage.

On the bright side it was a beautiful sunny day and the old stadium looked good again at capacity. The Huskies fought to the end and showed that Ty Willingham is making a difference as he battles hard to change these fine young men from losers to winners.

This team should compete and beat Pac Ten teams north of Los Angeles. We need to see improvement each week and the desire to get off this losing jag and back into the winners circle. It is time for all the players to suck it up and leave it all on the field and other clichés. We cannot go backwards anymore.

The road gets a lot tougher this week as the annual loss to UCLA looms. The Bruins are a far superior team to Notre Dame and it is at their home at night. Once again the Huskies will find a defense they can score on and an offense they are unlikely to stop. Can our lads in the Purple and Gold find pay dirt enough to outscore the Bruins?

We're turning back the clock to a time when the underdog always won this game and we're stopping the streak this week as the fat and happy Bruins turn it over and Isaiah Stanback leads the Huskies to a shocking upset at the Rose Bowl

UW – 32, UCLA – 31
Bottles fly on the field and it wasn't Pullman!
Mallard N. Moore with Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

The Oregon Ducks jumped out to a huge 13 point lead over the USC Trojans but were unable to hold on against a group of cheating officials as the Trojans eeked out a 45-13 come back win at no longer feared and over rated Autzen Arena.

A raucous, liquored up crowd of Duck fans made life tough for Matt Leinart during the first half as the Mallard Gang took advantage of two SC turnovers to grab that early lead.

In a surprise, the Burnt Toast secondary has to take second place to the run defense as the main culprits for yet another epic collapse by the Oregon lads. SC out rushed Oregon 278-65 and took the crowd out of the game with one scoring drive after another in the second half. Yet, let's give the Duck pass defense its due, Leinart did go for over 300 yards and had three TD passes.

The Dennis Dixon era began as Kelly Clemmons was battered and beaten out of the game as predicted right here by certain self proclaimed college football experts. The dink and dunk kill your QB attack was true to its name once it met a defense with great athletes. After briefly fooling the Trojans with his speed, Dixon also was injured and was unable to lead the Ducks to a score. However, the future is now and Dixon should be the starter the rest of the way.

"There is no quarterback controversy," stated Mike Bellotti as he thumbed through resumes for a new defensive coordinator and a new offensive coordinator. "I have full faith in Kelly and he is the starter until he isn't at which point I will still have faith in him but he won't be the starter. And tell Keith Jackson that Kellen Winslow is not our quarterback."

Bellotti then ran from the room as he heard that the owner, Phil Knight, was approaching with steam shooting from his ears. Knight cursed as he saw Bellotti escape, then turned and slapped Bill Moos hard while telling him to find Joe Glenn's phone number. Is there trouble in paradise?

Next up is Stanford and another cup cake is just what the doctor ordered for UO. But will it save Bellotti? Oregon looks like a team that needs the special character building talent of a Ty Willingham. Or Phil's checkbook to buy Tedford from Cal. Stay tuned.

UO – 52, Stanford – 9

TCW III adds - My first trip to Autzen was not a disappointment as I was able to see first hand the bad behavior that has become legend around the league. In a scene right out of Martin P. Vandal Stadium in Pullman, bottles flew on the field at Eugene as irate fans blamed the officials for their team's epic collapse.

You would think they would be used to it having recently witnessed Washington run 42 points off on them two years in a row. SC, of course, did even better, running off 45. I hope the Ducks players enjoyed the post game spread in the luxurious X Box Center.

Next up for America's Team is a trip to Tempe to destroy another Pac Ten pretender.

USC – 42, ASU – 20

Note from Cubby: Race – I refuse to work at a magazine with such a blatantly homer prediction as your call for a Husky upset over UCLA. You have to still be drunk from your two year bender watching your poor team lose every week. More of the same headed your way old sport.

UCLA – 48, UW – 17
Beavers open defense of NW Cup
Benny B. Leaver

The Oregon State Beavers chipped in to complete a bloody Saturday for the NW schools as they got hammered by ASU in Tempe. That followed a 63 point job by Louisville. Next up is a visit from America's third wimpiest team, the WSU Cougars.

This is a chance for the Beavs to get healthy and to show that they are still the best of a bad lot in the NW.

The Cougars are a bit of a mystery since they haven't played anyone yet with their third wimpiest schedule in America. Gorged and fat from pastry, they will be slapped back into an ugly reality by a hungry band of Beavers.

OSU – 28, WSU – 24
Around the Nation: - It was a quiet Saturday away from the NW…Miami beat Colorado and Michigan State obliterated an Illini team that gave Cal a good go…Virginia Tech continues to impress…Joe Glenn led Wyoming to a shocker over Ole MissWisconsin scored on a last minute drive to beat Michigan…another quiet week on tap coming up.

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