USC Nike camp update - Mathew Malele

Clearly the defensive linemen stood out from the offense at the USC Nike camp Saturday, and one defensive lineman in particular stood out against them all. Get used to hearing this guy's name a lot as the offers come pouring in. His name? Carson, California's Mathew Malele.

"It's nice and fun, the one-on-ones...see what the city's got," Malele told At 6-0.5" and 302 pounds, Mathew is already being pencilled in as one of the west's best prep defensive tackles next fall.

He knows what it's like to taste success, having already been a Student Sports All-American as well as being named All-City first team, All-State first team and also to a couple of area all-star teams.

With that kind of resume, it's hard to imagine Malele looking to improve on much, but he did have one specific goal in mind coming to this year's camp. "My 40," he said, matter of factly. "Last year my 40 was 5.2. Today I ran a 4.91. I also did the bench 29 times and my shuttle was a 5.03."

Scholarships are already in the offing for the talented DT. "My top-5 are Stanford, USC, UCLA, Michigan State and Notre Dame," he said. All but the Irish have offered Mathew a scholarship already as well as Washington. Expect those numbers, as well as his sack totals, to increase by leaps and bounds before the process is over for Mathew. Top Stories