Dawgman predictions - Week 5

Washington has it's first real road game, not counting Seattle as a road trip. They make the journey to the Rose Bowl to take on the ever improving UCLA Bruins. Here is what the staff thinks will happen down in Pasadena.

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 3-1.

Alas, I predict that the predictions segment will be predictable - and maybe even for the balance of the season remaining. As for this week, I suppose this thing could stay close if the UCLAns simply shrug off our hometown eleven as an afterthought whist waiting for their big clash with California next week. Could happen, I suppose. It could. Happen. I suppose. .

Prediction: UCLA 45, Washington 13
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 2-2.

Washington is showing definite signs of improvement. However they still don't score when they should and their defense just doesn't have the talent or speed. The Husky secondary is not good, thee is no other way to put it, and it gets exposed because the defensive front four hasn't gotten sufficient pressure on the passer. On the road, I don't expect it to improve. The Bruins' will rack up big yards and the Huskies will turn the ball over in an ugly game.

Prediction: UCLA 31, Washington 9
Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 3-1.

My sister may well prove herself to be a wise, young sage. Earlier this week she called Mitch Levy's program on KJR, and stated that Washington will beat UCLA. A few minutes later, a woman called in and wondered aloud what my sister was smoking. In staunch defense of my sibling, let me say that I am somewhat reasonably certain that she is drug-free. :) With only the possible endearing exception of Coach Baird, she is the only person in America who thinks the Huskies will win. Personally, I look at UCLA's linemen and our lack of depth at the cornerback position, and then I look no further. The Dawgs defensive front will invariably be worn down as the game progresses, and this will unravel into a regionally-televised bloodbath.

Prediction: UCLA 52, Washington 24
Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 4-0.

As the Huskies continue to find that secret ingredient (talent? leadership? luck? all of the above?) to get them another win, that process will have to find some room on the side of the road for a week while they face a UCLA team rolling after an impressive win over Oklahoma. Notre Dame's balanced offensive attack exposed Washington's front 7, and we all know what Maurice Drew did against the Huskies last year. Washington has decided they can bend, but not break. Well, the Bruins are perfect in the red zone when it comes to scoring. Something has to give, and it's not going to be the home team.

Prediction: UCLA 51, Washington 21
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 2-2.

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Prediction: Washington 32, UCLA 31
Joe Kaiser, Intern Emeritus. Record: 2-2.

UCLA is to Washington like the Athletics are to the Mariners. No matter how good or bad the Bruins are, they always play the Huskies tough and in recent history have usually come out on the winning side. This season's game figures to be no different, pairing an improving UW team with a talented UCLA squad coming off an emotional win at home over Oklahoma. Look for this game to be similar to the last one vs. Notre Dame, with the Huskies keeping it close early but wearing down and fading late.

Prediction: UCLA 35, Washington 20
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 3-1.

I have a really weird feeling about this game. UCLA may be looking past UW and that could turn out to be a huge mistake. Look for the Dawgs to hold on and pull a shocking upset in Pasadena.

Prediction: Washington 24, UCLA 21
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 3-1.

How are we going to stop Drew & Co? Can we even do it? Well certainly there is always a chance to win. I mean we went up big last year early in the UCLA game with a team considered worse than this year's team. I just don't think our defense this year will be able to do much stopping UCLA Saturday. No it is up to Stanback & our offense. They need to move the chains in a methodical and timely fashion. Hopefully we can run a little better against the Bruins than we did against Notre Dame. In other words to borrow a cliché, "Our best defense is a good offense". We need UCLA to start their drives deep in their territory. We need some breaks. I don't think we get them.

Prediction: UCLA 38, Washington 24
Scott Eklund, New kid on the block. Record: 3-1.

Oh brother. With September out of the way, the Huskies now embark on a killer October that could see our beloved Dawgs go 0-4. Last year's team allowed UCLA RB Maurice Drew to pile up 322 yards and five touchdowns. While I don't think things will be that bad this year, there is no way this team won't get pushed around like they did last week against Notre Dame. The defensive line for the Huskies isn't playing well and the linebackers have been average. SS C.J. Wallace is the only player on the defense bringing the wood every day, but he is only one man. Bruin QB Drew Olson is also playing very well and will pick the Washington secondary apart with little to no pressure from the front seven. Offensively, the Huskies still haven't found a ground game and while Isaiah Stanback has been good, it hasn't resulted in many wins. I think the offense continues to put up points, ! bu! t it won't be near enough. The Bruins will continue their streak against the Huskies this Saturday in a game that won't be close.

Prediction: UCLA 53, Washington 24
Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 1-3

The first road trip is always exciting. The Huskies are improving, there is no doubt. Now it's time to put all the improvements into action and into sync. Look for Stanback to run more and loosen up the UCLA defense, allowing Chambers and Shackelford to get open and hurt the Bruin secondary. Louis Rankin goes for a late touchdown and the Huskies pull off the upset.

Prediction: Washington 27, UCLA 24
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