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Valley of the Stunned
Mallard N. Moore

The Oregon Ducks opened up a can of whoop ass on the ASU Stunned Devils Saturday night and walked away with a commanding 31-17 win over Spawn #2. It was Oregon's best victory in years and put to rest any fears of yet another late season melt down by the X Box champs of old.

A disappointed Dirk "Diggler" Koetter knew that he let a golden opportunity get away.

"I thought it was my time to move up to Spawn #1. I've beaten the top Spawn more than Tedford and Cal lost to UCLA last night. I'm not sure that the best team on the field won last night. I thought we were a little flat after the USC disappointment and our quarterback played with a broken arm. The officials made some bad calls and our fans really let us down……."

The Spawn does not fall far from the tree.

Meanwhile in the victorious Duck locker room a magnanimous Mike Bellotti was suspending the death sentence of several critical reporters and was looking ahead to next weeks big game against the former evil empire from Seattle.

"Washington is still a big week for us," Bellotti explained as he looked ahead to the big 11th year anniversary of the 1994 team that put UO on the map by beating a probation-saddled Husky squad. "We have the big 11th year anniversary celebration and Coach Brooks is coming to the arena, and he remains the last coach to get UO to the Rose Bowl." Bellotti finished as he made a mental note not to point that out anymore.

The Ducks showed a spunk and character that has been missing ever since head coach Jeff Tedford left to go to Cal. The Ducks have found their mojo just in time to open a can on the reeling Washington Huskies, losers of 14 of their last 16 games.

Don't be late as this one will be over early and often as the BCS bound Ducks look to go 6-1 and set up the run for the 2nd BCS bid in the Pac 10.

Prediction: Oregon – 55, UW – 17
Not so fast my Friend
Race Bannon

It was certainly an impressive performance by the normally soft Ducks as they beat a flat ASU team that had an injured quarterback. The Huskies are certainly shivering in fear at the prospect of facing such a mighty juggernaut at the place where college football was born lo those many (11) years ago.

Yet does not no longer feared Autzen Arena 11 years ago offer us a sobering lesson in the up and down nature of college football? The 94 Huskies had beat Ohio State and stopped Miami's 58 game home winning streak. Oregon had lost to two WAC teams.

And yet, as the big 11th year anniversary celebration shows, it was those same loser Ducks who won the day over an overconfident Husky squad. In the name of Billy Diedrick can it happen again?

Will we see similar magic in this, the 35th consecutive trip to Autzen by the Husky squad?

We found out that UCLA is for real and if UCLA was flat, ASU was Twiggy. Throw out the record books, throw out last week, this is war and the Huskies are bringing some weapons.

Isaiah Stanback does not have a bad arm and bad legs and he digs the long ball, still a Duck weakness. Craig Chambers should run free and we expect to see James Hasty see his first action of the season.

Tim Lappano will mix it up and keep the Duck defense guessing and the Husky D will bend but keep UO kicking field goals, as is their wont.

The Husky plan is to hang close and then strike hard in the opening minutes of the second half when the marijuana smoke is still wafting from the Duck fans halftime tailgates. Bellotti spilled the beans on this Duck weakness after the USC game.

We checked with Tyee president, Dr., Evil, and the good doctor confirmed that it is still bad for a Husky coach to lose to Oregon. Take that as some friendly advice, Coach Willingham. Ty returns to the scene of his epic win over Tedford's Fiesta Bowl champs. Will the magic strike again?


Prediction: UW – 27, UO – 18 (6 field goals)
Bruins and Trojans on track for epic battle
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

It is looking more and more like the LA City Championship will be a battle for the Rose Bowl once again. The UCLA Bruins knocked off the biggest threat on their schedule as oft embattled Karl Dorrell took the Cal Bears to the woodshed with a resounding last minute one point victory. Well it was really seven but one sounds more dramatic and that game was pure drama all the way.

The Bears spent most of the night going up and down the field and settling for field goals. What was said about the Spawn not falling far from the tree?

The gritty, gutty Bruins hung around and rode the marvelous talents of Maurice Drew to walk down the Bear machine and remain unbeaten.

Dorrell thanked the Huskies for showing his team that it is a 60 minute game.

"I think that the Huskies did us a favor by punching us in the mouth and playing so well. It got us ready to face a physical Cal team."

Drew got his 300 yards against Cal, 10 times more yards than he got against UW.

An embattled Jeff Tedford is feeling the heat in Berkeley as once again Cal will be shut out of a BCS bowl. Losing the Holiday Bowl is no longer enough for the rabid Cal boosters who are picking up the fabulous multi million dollar salary of the Messiah like Tedford.

"I'm just glad that we really aren't doing anything with the stadium or facilities," whispered Cal AD, Usay Hussein. "We just need to figure out how to get out of this contract we gave in a panicked reaction to that wild Todd Turner at Washington. I have some ideas but they might not be legal in America."

Next up for the Bruins is a trip to Martin P. Vandal Stadium and a beat down of the WSU Wimps who are coming off of a loss to the UC Davis Giants.

Prediction: UCLA – 56, WSU – 29

The Trojans brushed off Mike "Animal" Stoops and his UA Wildcats and now set their sights on the greatest coach in Notre Dame history, Chuck Weis. Domer fans will tell you that three straight blow out losses to USC are the real reason that Ty Willingham is at UW now. So the pressure is on Weis to show that he can do more than beat lousy teams, which by the way, Ty was quite good at too.

The Trojans have been sleep walking through the Pac 10 and this game might stir their interest a bit more. Experts will be honking for Notre Dame and the Irish aura at South Bend and the new spirit and head ref Jimmy "Irish Red" O'Doul, but we see it as sound and fury signifying nothing.

The Trojans have the horse and the horses. Notre Dame doesn't. If Stanback found the Irish secondary inviting, how much more will Matt Leinart?

Prediction: USC – 49, ND – 17
Best of the Rest: Call looks to rebound against the Beavers next week…ASU gets the Wimp killers from Stanford after a bye…my Heisman vote goes to LenDale White….Minnesota took home the Little Brown Jug for the first time in 20 years by beating MichiganTexas rolled OU for the first time in 5 years….watch out for those Buffs, Horns…CU rolled A&M big…Baylor won its first Big 12 road game…..ever….by the way, Vince Young, mistakes and all, is the reason UT is unbeaten…Penn State beat the Buckeyes at Happy Again Valley…PSU is unbeaten and headed to the Big House…Watch out for Georgia…no TV for the Duck game, so read all about it here next week!

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