Dawgman Predictions: WEEK VI

After a bye week, the Huskies should be well rested as they head to the Willamette Valley to take on the Oregon Ducks. Will the dawgs be able to stop Oregon's vaunted rushing offense? Will Isaiah Stanback be able to move the chains and put up enough points on the scoreboard? Here is what the staff thinks.

Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 5-0.

If the weather predictions hold true, holding onto the ball will be at an even bigger premium Saturday in Eugene. And while Washington started out the season without a miscue against Air Force, they've coughed up the rock ten times in the last four games - not an ingredient to a winning formula. And not only that, but their miscues come at times when they could really put the hammer down on their opponent. Until they stop handing the ball (and the game) away, it's going to be another 60 minutes of anticipation, and ultimately disappointment for UW.

Prediction: Oregon 35, Washington 21
Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 4-1.

Have no fear; the Huskies are only halfway to the record of 20 consecutive conference losses held so proudly by Oregon State. And it can't be denied that no matter the outcome, Saturdays are still a mighty fine way of spending 1/7 of your life. Enjoy, relax, and have some fun. It beats the crap out of work.

Prediction: Oregon 44, Washington 17
Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 4-1.

Despite the progress and increased physicality that we saw against UCLA, a part of the reason that the Dawgs looked good was due to the poor performance (and slow release) of Bruin QB Drew Olson. Conversely, Oregon QB Kellen Clemens has a quicker release and his passing attack implements screen passes extensively -- so all those tipped balls Washington had defensively against UCLA will instead be rendered as completions against the potent Ducks. Washington's only hope to damage offensively is to stretch the field and throw over the top of the Duck secondary. ATTENTION CRAIG CHAMBERS: Are you ready and feeling it?

Prediction: Oregon 28, Washington 24
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 4-1.

Well we all know what needs to happen for our DAWGs to win, limit turnovers, tackle better, find a return game, and close out the 4th quarter. These to me being most important right now. Most Husky fans feel we could be 3 & 2 had all these areas been executed properly. I feel we are consistently improving. Certainly 17 points per game save Idaho is a sign of that consistency. So my question is this. Is Oregon better than UCLA? I think they are pretty even. So I have to wonder if this just might be the week. I sure felt like it the week after UCLA. I lost some of that certainty though after the Ducks took it to ASU. I am going to throw caution to the win though, and pick a DAWG win this week.

Prediction: Washington 27, Oregon 24
Scott Eklund, New kid on the block. Record: 4-1.

The Huskies continue on their journey to becoming a respectable football team this weekend against one of their two most heated rivals, the Oregon Ducks. Oregon is coming off of a big win last weekend against Arizona State and some feel they may be overlooking the Dawgs. I don't think that's possible, as most Oregon fans and players have grown up hating everything Husky. While the Huskies continue to show marked improvement, good discipline and heart, I just can't see how they will be able to stick with the high-flying Ducks for 60 minutes. This game will be close for three quarters, but the experienced Ducks, led by the conference's second-best quarterback in Kellen Clemens will pull away in the fourth quarter. Dawgs play well, but end up dropping another one to their enemies from the south.

Prediction: Oregon 37, Washington 24
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 3-2.

Oregon is hitting their stride now. They look dangerous in Gary Crowton's offense, and Kellen Clemens is in rhythm. He loves to run the ball after faking it to the backs, and Washington's linebackers will find him a troublesome sight as he runs through gaping holes in the defensive line. Isaiah Stanback is improving all the time, and this will be the most difficult test he's faced in his young career. Expect two TD passes, but also two interceptions that will lead to too many Oregon points. Oregon's win over ASU was no fluke.

Prediction: Oregon 44, Washington 14
Joe Kaiser, Intern Emeritus. Record: 3-2.

Huskies at Eugene... again. How is this fair? It's not. The key for the Dawgs will be slowing down Oregon senior QB Kellen Clemens, giving the UW offense a chance to stay in the game and keep it close. The Huskies proved they can compete with the better teams of the Pac-10, even on the road, in their close loss to UCLA. On Saturday they'll prove that they can not only compete, but win. This is Johnie Kirton's coming out party.

Prediction: Washington 28, Oregon 24
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 3-2.

Washington stuck with UCLA and now need to find a way to win a game. Any game, they just need to taste victory over a conference opponent and they'll be miles ahead of where they were. I get the same feeling I had before the UCLA game, that something big is going to happen. Look for the Dawgs to shock the Ducks in Nike Stadium.

Prediction: Washington 21, Oregon 20
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 2-3.

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Prediction: Washington 27, Oregon 18
Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 1-4

Once again my record matches that of the team. There's a surprise, huh? But oh how close this team was to knocking off UCLA. After a great week of practice during the bye week, Tyrone will have his crew ready for their first conference win in a while. What better team to get it against than the Oregon Ducks? Count on it. Last week they came close, this week they take it all the way into the win column.

Prediction: Washington 27, Oregon 24
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