Huskies after JC wide receiver

The amount of playmakers on both sides of the ball are something Washington's coaches are concentrating on during recruiting this fall. One player who is a true big-play threat at wideout is City College of San Francisco WR Aaron Straiten. Husky offensive line coach Mike Denbrock was down in the Bay area over the bye weekend and he saw several players on the CCSF squad work out, but one of the standouts was Straiten

"He came down on Thursday to see some of the players who were here last year," Straiten told "I wasn't here last year, I was in Utah at Snow College, so he really didn't know that much about me. When he saw us practicing he asked my coach ‘Who's that?' and then that's when Washington sort of came into the picture."

Even though they are currently 6-0, the CCSF season go off to a rocky start with a close 24-12 win over Cabrillo College over the Labor Day weekend. Straiten attributes that to the new players on both sides of the ball.

"Our season got off to a shaky start," Straiten said. "The offensive line is all new. There aren't any returning starters so they had some troubles early. Our quarterback was also new and he had to get used to getting hit by college guys so we had some butterflies to work out. Once we did we got on a roll and we've stayed there."

Straiten and all of his teammates are unaware of their stats because CCSF head coach George Rush wants them to concentrate on the team and not individual goals, something that rings true Straiten.

"I like it," the sophomore wideout said. "It makes us concentrate on winning and being part of a team. At the end of the year, that's when we can figure out what our stats are."

Straiten boasts a big frame (6-3, 205) and a forty-yard dash time of 4.35 seconds. He likes the big play, but is just as happy catching a short pass for a first down or blocking on a running play.

"Whatever I have to do to help the team win, that's what I'm going to do," Straiten said.

On the recruiting front, Straiten claims six offers: UNLV, Texas A&M, North Carolina, Oregon, Oregon State and Arizona.

"All six send stuff all the time," Straiten said. "Except for North Carolina, all the other five contact me every week."

Washington is now in the picture and Straiten is very receptive to what the Husky coaches have to say.

"(Denbrock) said he wants us to come up and visit Washington to see all of the stuff up there," Straiten said. "They need some help in some spots and he said they are trying to get back to being a powerhouse in the Pac 10. He wants us to learn more about the school and help get Washington back to power because coach (Tyrone) Willingham is building that program back up.

"I think I could be one of those missing pieces and help complete that puzzle."

One consideration in Washington's favor is geographical.

"I really want to stay in the Pac 10," Straiten said matter-of-factly. "I'd like to stay on the west coast. Cal is too close and basically the entire Bay area is too close. I want to move away and get out on my own. The Pac 10 likes to throw the ball a lot and it's a good place for a wide receiver to show what he can do.

"I don't want to jump on the bandwagon of a team that is already really good and I just keep in going. I want a fair opportunity to play and show what I can do. I want to help a team become a BCS team. I want to help put them over the hump.

"The coaching staff is another consideration for me. I want a cool coaching staff and an honest coaching staff. When you're going through recruiting, sometimes coaches tell you stuff that isn't necessarily true just so they can get you there. I think a good coaching staff doesn't have to tell you one thing and blow smoke at you. They will be up front with you from the beginning and tell you they expect you to play better if you need to pick it up."

Straiten committed to Utah out of high school and while the Utes are out of the running for the big-play wideout, he says former Ute offensive coordinator and current UNLV head coach Mike Sanford is really keeping the Rebels near the top of his list.

"When you get a call every week from the head coach that makes an impression on you," Straiten said. "It's not like it's the recruiting coordinator that is talking to me who may coach the defensive line and may never coach me. He's the head coach and he would be coaching me every day. I like that."

UNLV already got an official visit from Straiten on October 8th and he says that either Oregon or Texas A&M will get a visit on November 19th.

Will Washington get a visit?

"I think they will probably get one of my last three visits," Straiten said. "Washington is very much in the picture now that they are talking to me."

Straiten and his Rams teammates next fact Butte College on October 22nd.

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