Thielke checking out all options received some information from Brett Thielke tonight, the 6-5, 285-pound offensive lineman from Issaquah (Wash.) Skyline. While most high schoolers just relax and take it easy during spring break, Brett was off doing more homework, homework that will help him ultimately choose which college he attends next fall.

"For my spring break I went down to California to visit (unofficially) Cal and Stanford,' Thielke said. "Cal was a great school and I everyone on staff was courteous and friendly. I enjoyed renewing my acquaintance with Coach Michalczik, the line coach at Cal, and got to meet Coach Tedford."

Brett was also very impressed with the Cardinal. "Stanford's facilities and staff were top notch, I was impressed with the caliber of the athletic department staff," he said. "My family and I visited with Coach (Buddy) Teevens in his office for quite a while, and also met with line Coach (Steve) Morton." (Morton was UW's OL coach from 1992 to 1998)

Thielke wasn't done. "Once I got back from California, Danny Kleiber (the big guard on the Skyline line) and I visited Oregon," he said. "Both of us were awestruck with the world class sports facilities and the friendliness of both staff and players. We met both Coach (Mike) Bellotti and line Coach (Neal) Zoumboukos."

Brett professed that the information gathering process was necessary, but didn't necessarily clarify things for him. "All three visits were excellent and made my decision making process that much harder,". he said.

The University of Washington is also very much in the picture for Thielke. "I can't wait for Junior Day this weekend at UW," Brett said. "My only problem is that I might have a track meet on Saturday, so I'm trying to figure out how to be in two places at once." Top Stories