Dawgman Predictions Week VII

Last weekend's game against Oregon was a stinker. It was hard to believe that they would come up with such a non-competitive effort after a full bye week, but that is where the Husky program is right now. In comes USC…..ugh. Here is what the staff thinks about the game SAT.

Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 6-0.

My prediction? Pain, suffering, humiliation. And that's just the pre-game festivities. Washington will win again, just not this Saturday. It'll take a quarter for the Trojans to get their bearings and realize they can stick this one in cruise after a few Reggie Bush-patented shake-and-bake field-reverses.

Prediction: USC 55, Washington 10
Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 5-1.

Being that it is what it is, I think I'll just go with the same score I had last week. Besides, I don't think USC is particularly interested in running it up - they rang up 700+ yards on Arizona while only scoring 45. And after last Saturday's epic war, I think the Trojans are going to try and put it under wraps early and save it for another day. While there may be some early pomp, there won't be a whole lot of circumstance.

Prediction: USC 44, Washington 17
Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 5-1.

By the 4th quarter of this weekend's USC game, there will be an apocalyptic atmosphere in Husky Stadium. Can the Huskies at least keep it interesting for the first quarter? There is no way the Dawgs will get USC's best effort, so in that vein maybe the Trojans will turn the ball over once or twice and let UW hang around. I would be interested in seeing DuRocher a series or two at QB, to guage whether there is a different attitude in the huddle.

Prediction: USC 52, Washington 16
Scott Eklund, New kid on the block. Record: 5-1.

Wow. After laying an egg (no pun intended) in Oregon the Huskies are reeling, hoping to find any semblance of momentum in what is already a lost season. This team needs to find something, anything that they can hang their hat on. Right now the only thing they do well with any consistency is lose. Enter the defending national champion USC Trojans and you have a recipe for a blowout. The Husky defensive backfield is woefully equipped right now to keep up with any wide receiver corps in the country, much less one featuring Dwayne Jarrett, Patrick Turner, Steve Smith and Chris McFoy and future first-round draft choice Matt Leinart throwing to them. Reggie Bush and Lendale White will both top 150 yards and the third-stringers for the "Men of Troy" will take the field by mid-third quarter. The Huskies may have some success through the air and put up some decent yards, but they are light years behind the best program in the conference and the country right now.

Prediction: USC 55, Washington 17
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 4-2.

Let me make this quick and simple. No - UW will not beat USC. Oh I know they have to play the game, and there is a chance UW might win. That chance is about as remote as me winning the Powerball Lotto. It isn't going to happen.

Prediction: USC 45, Washington 17
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 4-2.

USC is the best team in the country. They have a plethora of NFL talent, a plethora of speed, and better coaches than anyone in the Pac-10 by a long margin. However, they have shown a penchant for being confused on offense in the first half of games. They miss Norm Chow if you ask me, and I believe that they'll take two quarters to get untracked again. They'll stop themselves for a while, but will eventually bury the Dawgs in the early 3rd quarter and will then bench their regulars, as they wouldn't want to waste any injuries against the Pac-10 doormat. Washington doesn't find the end zone but Evan Knudson will connect on three field goals.

Prediction: USC 38, Washington 9
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 4-2.

Expect history to be re written this week. In 1921, the University of Washington changed the name of the team from Sun Dodgers to Huskies. Under the guidance of coach Enoch Bagshaw the newly named " Huskies" suffered the worst defeat in the history of the school falling to Cal 72-3. They did manage to win three games that year. History is re written USC rolls big, and next week race Bannon starts a petition to change the name back to Sun Dodgers.

Prediction: USC 75, Washington 3
Joe Kaiser, Intern Emeritus. Record: 3-3.

USC might be the best college football team ever assembled, with apologies to the 1991 Washington team of course:) Meanwhile, this current group of Huskies might be the worst team ever assembled, with apologies to the 2004 UW team. UW came back down to earth with a giant thud in last Saturday's pitiful showing in Eugene, and it's only going to get worse when the top-ranked Trojans come to Montlake on Saturday. The Huskies defense will have no answers for LenDale White or Reggie Bush, and that will open it up for Matt Leinhart to air it out at will. Plug your ears Husky fans; that USC fight song will get annoying.

Prediction: USC 47, Washington 10
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 2-4.

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Prediction: USC 63, Washington 0
Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 1-5

Once again my record matches that of the team. Again. I can write that pretty much every week. The Oregon game stunk, sure, but believe it or not, I do see improvement in this team. They are making improvements, but unfortunately it's going to take another year or two before the Phoenix rises out of the ashes. This week? Of course I'm predicting a Husky win. Why? Because if I didn't you would all be extremely disappointed. Am I right?

Prediction: Washington 24, USC 21
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