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No more excuses allowed as Dawgs hit the home stretch
Race Bannon

The Washington Huskies have kind of survived a brutal stretch of schedule with their 1-6 record intact. In the new world of Husky Football, we are no longer expected to beat teams like Oregon or USC or Cal. Some of us old Dawgs hold out hope that we can still be expected to beat teams like OSU and WSU, but you never know with the inordinate amount of excuses this coaching staff requires. Don't be surprised if our remaining 4 opponents soon get compared to the Lombardi Packers. Shades of the Stanford Giants against the Washington Midgets under Gilby Ball.

Speaking of Stanford, new coach Walt Harris is showing the type of improvement that one hopes for when making a coaching change. After a humiliating defeat to UC Davis, the Giants have bounced back to go 3-1 in Pac 10 play. Stanford just whipped the Huskies next opponent, ASU, 45-35. Dare we expect similar results from our former Stanford coach or do we continue to claim that among all the teams in America, only we are blessed with the worst talent in recorded history?

The Huskies claimed some more moral victories this past Saturday against USC. USC was held 5 points under the opponents Husky Stadium scoring record set earlier this year. The Huskies beat the 30 point betting spread and Ty's personal 31 point spread against Pete Carroll. The Huskies scored 11 more points against SC than Oregon did. Be still my pounding heart.

Now that we face competition more to our liking we expect to like what we see much more than we have so far this year. No more excuses, only the expectation of victory. The word needs to go out to all at Montlake that another 1-10 season is an unmitigated disaster and will be unacceptable.

Losing is a habit and the Huskies are junkies of the worst kind. It is time that we stopped being enablers and instead insist that they get help for their problem. The Dawgs head down to the desert to face the reeling and embattled Desert Spawn. With the serious issues that ASU has faced off the field and the collapse on the field, we must be concerned that they might want to hire our integrity filled and very moral coach right out from under us!

I have a shocking and exciting idea for this week – let's win the damn game!

Prediction: UW – 31, ASU – 28
Down goes Kelly, down goes Kelly, down goes Kelly
Mallard N. Moore

Stuck in a heated battle with Mike "The Animal" Stoops' Arizona Wildcats, the Oregon Ducks survived despite losing their all world quarterback Kelly Clemmons. Just for good measure, Dennis Dixon followed Clemmons out of the game with a concussion. That leaves the job to Brady "Falling" Leaf with Johnny Durocher ready to transfer back if need be.

A happy Mike Bellotti was asked if he was concerned that his BCS bound Ducks struggled with Pac Ten bottom feeder Arizona.

"I think that we showed in beating UW 45-21 last week that we can play with the bottom teams it the Pac Ten" Bellotti retorted as he admired himself for getting in another cheap shot at the reeling UW program.

Arizona took the red shirt off their freshman phenom quarterback as Stoops is pulling out all the stops to break the losing jag at UA. Willie T. almost led the Cats to a shocking upset over Oregon who was coming off a near record breaking performance against Washington.

"I thought we played well considering we were coming off a near record breaking performance against Washington" confirmed Bellotti as he looked forward to a round of golf with Coach Willingham. Bellotti also was thankful that he didn't have to avoid the owner, Phil Knight, for at least a couple of weeks.

The Ducks have a bye week to prepare for the return of the Spawn, Jeff Tedford. The Bears have massive injury problems of their own as they prepare for the big Holiday Bowl elimination game.
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III reports: I had a fab time in Seattle at half empty Husky Stadium in the half empty Trojan section listening to half the Trojan band that made the trip.

As expected, the Trojans made short work of the nattily attired Huskies, nearly matching the 38 points the Dawgs gave up in the first half at Eugene with a 37 spot of their own. This used to be a decent rivalry.

I asked Pete Carroll what his thoughts were about Washington these days.

"I lost my first game at Husky Stadium so I know how tough it can be. We have a lot of respect for the Huskies and their integrity filled coach." Carroll finished as he laughed inside at the thought of facing Willingham every year even though Ty was no longer at Notre Dame.

Next up for the Trojans are the WSU Wimps fresh off another epic Coog It job at Cal. The depleted, injury racked Cal Bears managed to overcome a 10 point lead in the final minutes despite missing 21 of their 22 starters. Tedford doesn't make excuses, he just coaches his butt off to win games. The Wimps find their season on the brink.

Prediction: USC – 77, WSC – 27
Around the Nation: Texas brought Mike Leach and Texas Tech back to earth as Vince Young lead the Horns to a blow out win…Texas is Rose Bowl bound and Tech may get a match up with Oregon at the Holiday Bowl…that could be a 5 hour game with both teams running the spread…UCLA changed form and blew out OSU early and often…UCLA is BCS bound, but the Stanford Giants stand in the way…Alabama beat UT 6-3 in a turn back the clock game…LSU nipped Auburn…Notre Dame bounced back with a big win over BYU…don't miss the outdoor cocktail party this week as Georgia and Florida meet…UGA lost their quarterback and Urban Meyer lost his mojo…who will get it back…Gary Pinkel got a huge win over Nebraska and leads the Big 12 north along with Colorado…here's hoping Pinkel can get a shot at Texas in the Big 12 title game…no TV for the Huskies next week but maybe a much needed win.

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