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Four games to go. Four more chances to improve, make strides, and to turn the program around. The final four games are a bit friendlier for Washington, starting with a struggling ASU team in the desert. Here is what the staff thinks will happen.

Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 7-0.

I have a weird feeling about this game, despite the fact that a bruised and battered UW secondary will be facing one of the more potent offenses on the country on the road. But ASU's offensive line is but a shadow of itself, and if the Huskies can find some way of not only applying pressure to the Sun Devil quarterbacks, but also putting them on the ground a few times, it could help neutralize ASU's sizeable advantage through the air. That's a lot of if's. I think the Devils are going to be a little pissed off for this game, and they are going to do everything they can to pull out the win.

Prediction: ASU 34, Washington 28
Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 6-1.

I've thought long and hard all week on this one … being that it is what it is, I think I'll just go with the same score I had last week. (insert current week's opponent here) should find Washington to be the perfect tonic for what ails them – confidence is the name of the game and the (insert plural nickname of current week's opponent) should find it here in abundance.

Prediction: Current Week's Opponent 44, Washington 17
Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 6-1.

They say a wounded and cornered animal is a dangerous one; that also holds true for Sun Devils. Arizona State is desperate for a win, they're at home, and they have more talent than Washington. They also possess a big-time receiving threat in Derek Hagan. Against the young and overmatched UW secondary, that's like tossing a piranha into a gold fish tank. The Dawgs will be competitive but will fall short in the desert.

Prediction: ASU 38, Washington 27
Scott Eklund, New kid on the block. Record: 6-1.

The Huskies have a very good chance to win their last four games. Will they? Probably not, but they should be in every game. The Sun Devils have fallen off the face of the earth since their heartbreaking loss to USC and now first-year starting QB Sam Keller is really struggling. WR Derek Hagan and RB Keegan Herring are still dangerous and the Devils are playing at home. The Huskies will keep it close, but until they pull out a win in a close game, it's really hard to pick them to win on the road right now.

Prediction: ASU 33, Washington 28
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 5-2.

Will UW win? Probably not, but for a beer I will say we will. Although I'd have to confess I was fibbing. Our offense will continue to do what it can. Maybe even make a game out of it. It is the defense that will do us in. I expect them to get torched by the Devils air attack. Then again a lot of team can torch are D through the air. I want to carry the company line and say UW will win. It just isn't in my blood. I'll be listening on the radio all the way to the bitter end. I would even welcome eating crow if I am wrong. I just don't feel our next win will be this week.

Prediction: ASU 35, Washington 27
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 5-2.

Washington has been pathetic on both lines. It all goes to show you that you that it's not so much how you recruit, but rather what you do with the guys once you get them into the program. Is anyone else tired of getting excited about guys with inflated 40 times, overblown strength and agility numbers, websites that proclaim guys to be the next coming, and …….OK, I'll get off my rant. What I will tell you is that I think ASU has thrown in the towel, something this Washington team has not done. Tyrone won't let them quit and now it's time for them to be rewarded. Washington is due for a good thing to happen, and it happens this week.

Prediction: Washington 27, ASU 23
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 5-2.

Going into the home of a team that was favored the week before and had its ass handed to them is never a good thing. You think the Sun Devils might have a chip on their shoulder this week? I do. A big thanks to Alaska Airlines for the 7am flight Sunday morning return flight to Seattle.

Prediction: ASU 34, Washington 10
Joe Kaiser, Intern Emeritus. Record: 3-3.

The Huskies are on the neverending search for a Pac-10 win, and it isn't going to happen this week at Arizona State. ASU's aerial attack is the last thing the depleted Husky secondary needs at this point in the season. Look for the Huskies to struggle on both sides of the ball in Tempe in another game the UW faithful would like to forget. There will be no Brock Huard, no Reggie Davis and no Miracle in the Desert this year.

Prediction: ASU 45, Washington 13
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 3-4.

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Prediction: Washington 31, ASU 28
Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 1-6

Washington has four games left to show what they've learned. Believe it or not, this team has improved. From the sidelines it is a lot more obvious that the effort is improved, the coaching is improved, and the overall tone of the team is better than it was last year when these guys were gone. Now it's time to turn it into a win. Of course I'm the eternal optimist, and I think this is the week they get that taste of victory so badly needed.

Prediction: Washington 31, ASU 27
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