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Well, this really sucks now
Race Bannon

Humorous anecdote goes here. Insert light hearted comment here. Note the 2-17 record here. Rip some players. Blame some coaches. Reboot next week and do it all again.

A numbing consistency of the worst kind has fallen over the fallen football program at the University of Washington. The zombie like efforts each week have taken their toll on an enraged fan base that will not be allowed to fire a coach this year. So we march each week to another execution of our heroes wondering if it will be a blow out or a blown opportunity.

We have no talent when we play like we have no chance. We have no coaching when we blow a good chance. Round and round and round it goes, where it stops no one knows. It's over…..Wait, Neil Young music and a depressed fan base is not a good mix. Get back in off that ledge now!

Desperate for material for this fast fading relic of a formerly rotten magazine, I sat down to watch the replay of the Huskies latest foray into Loserville intent on ripping Isaiah Stanback to shreds and pulling our long support of his candidacy to be the quarterback at the UW.

After further review, we are standing behind our man. Although if I could just get 5 minutes with him I'd like to light him up just a bit so he will stop thinking so much and start playing the game. It is, to be fair, extremely frustrating to watch our offensive offense play. And that was after several glasses of wine and the foreknowledge of the loss I was watching.

Keep in mind that I lack the film room acumen of Hugh Millen as I watch my team struggle with the most basic of basics week after week, but I still see several co conspirators with Stanback to come up with yet another loss each week. Too many dropped passes make the misfires from Stanback even more costly. I kid Hugh because I care and I do acknowledge his theory that Durocher may not need to be as mobile as Stanback if he can read the defense faster and make the throw on time.

And yet, if we can get Isaiah to flow within the game and play instead of think, I think we will find that it was well worth it. He may be a junior, but this is his first real QB coaching. The case for Durocher is not helped by his poor decision coming out of high school and then his quitting at UO when it got tough. Hardly the stuff of legends there either.

DFI has never been a "trust the coaches" type of magazine, but only the coaches have seen these two play every day at closed practices. I suspect that the Durocher camp is wishing more than knowing, but that is a part of being a fan. In an upset, I agree with the coaches here and think IS deserves the start against a reeling Beaver defense that just got lit up by a true freshman quarterback. Sounds familiar, eh?

Yes, our very own reeling defense got lit up by a red shirt freshman and there is the real problem on this ball club.

And Willingham's lack of nerve on 4th and 1 in the 4th quarter is par for the course for a coach that finds football to be not an easy game to play. He tends to cling to the book when the gut says to be gutsy. Players notice that lack of belief and tend to return it to the sender.

So why not add a quarterback controversy to rip the team in two as we head down the stretch to 1-10 Part Deux? Your humble correspondent thinks that Durocher will get playing time Saturday if Stanback continues to struggle. He also thinks you'll be sorry that the mystery is no longer there for you to cling too. That is just one man's opinion though.

Try not to boo too loudly. These are, after all, student athletes. They are not like those who come to the UW merely to join a Volleyball factory.

Prediction: UW – 56, OSU – 55
Giant Collapse
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

While America's Team was busy wiping up the fabled Coliseum turf with the Wimps from Wazzu, the other LA team found itself in some giant trouble down on the Farm against Stanford at fabled Tiger Woods Stadium.

Walt Harris has his Giant's playing some ball these days and the big boys from Palo Alto were sitting on a 21 point lead in the 4th quarter when the BCS bound Bruins once again got off the bus and broke the hearts of yet another unsuspecting opponent.

Karl Dorrell deserves great credit for getting his players to believe and to play for 60 minutes each week. Well, at least 15 minutes each week, but as Husky fans know, better to win late than to lead early. The Bruins are the best comeback squad out west since the equally maligned and soft Rick Neuheisel led UW to a Rose Bowl win. That should toss the cookies of some Husky readers. Hey, at least your new coach has integrity!

Meanwhile in our top story, Snoop Dogg wrapped up his Heisman Campaign by striking the pose on the sidelines after getting tossed a game ball from Heisman candidate LenDale White. Snoop was one of the few Long Beach Poly grads to get away from Mike Bellotti and Oregon, although Snoop and Onterrio enjoyed the chronic a bit back in the day.

The Wimps proved to be no match for the Trojans who must now prepare for their own match up with the Giants. Tiger will be busy chasing pocket change at the Tour Championship, so this looks like another easy one for the Trojans.

Prediction: USC – 49, Stanford – Par

Prediction: UCLA – 38, Arizona – 35

Prediction: WSU – 42, ASU – 38
Game of the Week
Mallard N. Moore

The Spawn Battle Deluxe will decide once and for all who will go to the Holiday Bowl, as Oregon hosts former head coach Jeff Tedford and the Cal Bears at the friendly confines of no longer feared Autzen Arena.

Oregon will rely on Dennis Dixon, who should be a wide out, at quarterback against a decimated and reeling Bear squad. Cal will rely on a boob and a prayer. This looked to be a mismatch in Cal's favor mere weeks ago, then looked like an easy Oregon win after the near record setting win over Washington, and now looks like a toss up.

Mike Bellotti spent the bye week recruiting in Seattle before Todd Turner told him to get lost because there would be no opening at Montlake this year. Then the great coach toured the state of Oregon with the game film of the near record setting win over Washington as he received hosannas and huzzahs for a job well done.

"I'd be a happy man if I could just get my hands on the hack that keeps calling Jeff Tedford the head coach of our legendary Fiesta Bowl team," growled Bellotti as he gave Bill Moos a back handed slap for not standing up for him after the USC debacle.

Defense wins Holiday Bowl bids and UO has the best defense.

Prediction: UO – 27, Cal – 24

We have exceeded our band width and must now bid adieu without our trip around the nation. We can tell you that Steve Superior still owns Phil Fullmer.

Thanks for reading! (Both of you) – Race Top Stories