Neuheisel quotes and today's stats

After the game this afternoon, Washington football head football coach Rick Neuheisel commented on what he saw. The coach was at field level all game and wore an open microphone so the television audience could hear his comments. Here are his comments in the post-game session.

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Defensive Line: "In terms of improvement and fundamentals, I saw a lot of great things. Particularly on our defensive front. I think that's the one are we are going to have to mature FAST. Manase Hopoi, Jerome Stevens, Terry Johnson, and Jerome Stevens all came through and made plays today. I'll be optimistic if they continue to come along at the same level of improvements. There is work to be done but I'm optimistic."

Linebackers: "We're excited about guys like Lobendahn, Galloway, and Jafar Williams, and the spring that they've had. You add to that mix the return of Tyler Krambrink, who is starting to be a force, and Marquis Cooper, Ben Mahdavi, and Matt Lingley makes plays. That's a great looking linebacker corps."

Secondary: "Greg Carothers, Roc Alexander, Chris Massey, all of who have started games for us. Then we've got Jimmy Newell over on the sidelines as well. James Sims and Evan Benjamin are getting a lot of reps and Sam Cunningham improved a lot. It's a nice looking secondary when all is said and done."

"Offensively we kept a lot of things on the shelf today. I think that our offensive line has to remember that even though they're a year older, there is still room for improvement. I think we'll see those improvements in the next three months and that will be a big benefit for us."

Tight End: "Kevin Ware has been terrific all spring."

"Our running game started out strong at the onset of spring but I'm not sure it kept that same rate of improvement. It has to come and I need a back to take over, and take the bull by the horns and become a dominant player."

"Zach Tuiasosopo is a successful experiment, he'll be fine at fullback this fall."

"Cody Pickett and Taylor Barton looked good today. I would like to see some competition again. Even though Cody is our starter, he was at his best when there was great competition. I wanted to make sure that when we put Taylor in with the first unit, it moved right down the field. I'm not down on Cody, I just want there to be competition."

On redshirt freshman Casey Paus: "I thought Casey had a great spring, it was kind of introductory for him. He had some good throws and had some chances to make plays today and did. I think he'll feel good tonight after this performance - that he's on schedule. Hopefully we won't need him to play next year but he'll be ready if it's necessary."

On the punt block today: "We had some miscommunication. It was a scout punt team and we should not have rushed it. The other snafu was that we had our first string punter in with the scout punt team and we got him hurt. He bruised his foot. He'll be fine, but it was a mistake on our part as coaches."

On the Fiesta Bowl, site of the national championship: "Their bowl representatives went out and visited 12 campuses last year, and they came to see us. It's important for our team to know that it's possible if we put forth the effort. The difference will be what all of the teams across the country do between now and the fall. We can't oversee that as coaches so they have to do it themselves, and it has to be part of the culture to get that done. I think we have the makings."

On Kai Ellis returning: "My feeling is that Kai wants to play so desperately that he'll find a way. Given that amount of time, he can get healthy. It would be a significant key, no question."

On Cody Pickett: "Physically I don't see any weakness in the arm. It's plenty strong enough, but I know he wants to develop his upper body."

On Charles Frederick: "We'll have an announcement probably at the start of the season, when we have our first get-together in anticipation for the season. I will talk about Charles when we come back and go over our roster."

On one more side note, Coach Neuheisel mentioned that WR Justin Robbins' rehab was going well, that he'll begin running May 3rd, and it's a possibility that he may return for fall. That bumps up his time table for return by about five months if it comes to fruition.
Scoring Summary:
Derrick Johnson recovered punt block in Endzone
Anderson 28 yard FG
Arnold 41 yard reception from Pickett
Cleman 1 yard run
Anderson 35 yard FG
Singleton 1 yard run
Cleman 3 yard run
Anderson 52 yard FG

Rushing leaders: Singleton 13-37, 1 TD, Alexis 4-27, Cleman 7-18 (2 TDs).

Passing: Pickett 9-16-0 176 yards, 1 TD. Barton 8-17-0 84 yards. Paus 5-13-0 38 yards.

Receiving: Arnold 4-96, 1 TD, Ware 3-49, Wiliams 3-45, Griffith 3-16, Seery 2-11.

Tackles: Lingley 10, Newberry 8, Dukes 7, Krambrink 7, Lobendahn 5, Shaw 5.

Sacks: Sa'au 2, Miller 2, Hopoi 3, Lobendahn 1, Lingley 1, Johnson 1.5, Jackson .5, Savicky 1, Stevens 1.

Punting: McLaughlin 1-41, Woldeit 1-25, Erickson 1-15.

FG: Anderson 3-3 (long 52). Top Stories