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Another warm and sunny homecoming ... but that's in Tucson next week. Here in Seattle? It looks like some rain might even breach the press box. Time to see if eight out of ten DM.com prognosticators come through - or if the mushrooms were merely bad.

20 minutes to kickoff: Interesting in that both Stanback and Moore took the bulk of their warmups with the wind at their back, which is blowing at about 20 in from the lake. And there are not a lot of people to witness it - maybe 15,000 people in the house right now.

15 minutes to kickoff:As waterfowl continue to converge on the pitching mound of the softball field, the teams head for the locker rooms for one last dry. Saw Matt Moore throw a 30-yard beauty into the wind during the 11-on-11 shadow, negating the previous entry. Hope that's not a sign of things to come.

6 minutes to kickoff: The homecoming Script Huskies has just started. Too bad hardly anyone is here to see it. And the rain has changed from sideways to just about any direction it wants 2 minutes to kickoff: What fans ARE here seem to be revelling in the conditions. OSU wins the toss, defers. Washington to head for the lake - against the wind. It's time to party.

14:00 1st QTR: Ugly first series by both teams (surprise, surprise) leads to a swap of three-and-outs. Paus doesn't drop back as a decoy on the punt team, Sims in there as an extra blocker instead. Darin Harris got the start today at free safety.

11:38 1st QTR: A microcosm of Stanback's season shows itself in successive plays. First, he runs well past the line of scrimmage - right past the sideline marker - and inexplicably throws the ball, resulting in a penalty. Then he follows the gaffe with a terrific ball to Chambers for a first down. I tell ya, it makes you shake your head.

6:09 1st QTR: Alexis Serna boots his sixth Husky Stadium field goal, making it 3-0 Oregon State. The kid is just a sophomore. From up here, it looks like the linebackers are getting sucked inside - there's a ton of space out there for Beavers dragging out.

3:00 1st QTR: Craig Chambers would make a good centerfielder. He judges Stanback's deep attempt the wind tried to blow back into Montlake Boulevard perfectly, resulting in a 30-yard advance. The promising drive ends with a Beaver dam break, sack, and turnover. Really nothing Isaiah could do about it - just not enough guys to stop it.

END 1st QTR: The day is an absolute slog (is slog a word?), and so was the quarter. One field goal, one turnover, and one student section drowning. 3-0 Oregon State, end of one.

13:00 2nd QTR: The seagulls are already circling the field and the South lower deck. They must not have gotten the notice about setting the clocks back last weekend. Meanwhile, it continues to go good and bad for Washington - a long completion to Russo is followed by an offensive interference penalty. Microcosm, microcosm ...

11:00 2nd QTR:Media timeout, time for some stats - OSU has four rushing yards in the game so far, while Washington has piled up five. And on a day where ball control figured to play a large part of the game. Folks, there aren't going to be a whole lot more points scored in this one. OSU returns the offensive interference penalty favor.

6:00 2nd QTR:Evan Benjamin has been running sideline-to-sideline all day long. He's just made his fourth stop on the sideline after a long pursuit. It's hit-or-miss whether or not he makes the play - but the effort is always there for the Senior. CJ Wallace makes his first appearance at the 10:00 mark of the second. Meanwhile, the boobirds (not to be confused with the seagulls) make their first appearance at the 8:15 mark after another Husky three-and-out. In defense, the conditions are abysmal out there. But to this point, Washington has three rushing yards - should they be going so much to rollouts and things like that? OSU is definitely daring them to throw.

1:00 2nd QTR: The Beavers have gone to ball-control, and in the face of a Scott White rush, Moore hits a big fourth-down toss to Bernard, whose getting the ball almost exclusively. It's too bad OSU figured it out first, but keeping it close to the vest has to be the way to go today. Bernard is just hiding behind his big linemen and picking his way to three and four yards a pop. Currently, the Beavs are on a five-minute, 10-play drive to effectively end the half - against the wind ...

END OF FIRST HALF: Mr. Serna hits his seventh HS field goal, and Oregon State takes a 6-love halftime lead. The Beavers held the ball for 18:00 minutes of the first half, and will get the ball to open the second half as well. Washington ends the half with five first-half rushing yards and five first downs. We'll see if Durocher warms up when the teams return ...

15:00 3rd QTR: Joe Lobendahn is doubful for the second half with a knee injury. Looks like Taj Bomar inside perhaps the rest of the way.

11:00 3rd QTR: It's clear that the Beavers want to go the rest of the way with what got them to their 6-0 lead - pick inside and play-action drags on third down. Then as I type this, and after a third-down dead-ball foul, about six Huskies miss Bernard and down the sidelines he goes for 57 yards. I get the feeling that an early score in these conditions could doom the Dawgs to a 14th straight conference loss.

9:00 3rd QTR: Surprising that OSU decided to take three points on fourth-and-goal with inches to go - considering the elements. But that's what Riley decides to do, and it's Serna 9, Washington 0. And it's Johnny Durocher to begin the half for Washington. The press scurries as one to their laptops to break the news ...

5:00 3rd QTR: Durocher's first drive ends with two first downs and a mighty long sack. And after Sean Douglas drops the punt snap, it looks like another wheels-fall-off scenario again for Washington, folks. Serna trots out yet again ...

4:00 3rd QTR: ... and like it's Serna 12, Washington 0. The talk up here is if Washington perhaps should have taken a third-down penalty, backing up OSU ten yards. But it would have not been a further march-back, as the play on which the penalty occured lost five yards. Now, Washington is on a march after a Sims 31-yard run ...

2:00 3rd QTR: Fourth-and-10 from the OSU 25. The Huskies decide to go for three, which I think is curious, considering that this is as close to the goal line as Washington has been. Three points would still have left them two scores in arrears. And this game isn't exactly fraught with scoring opportunities. In the end it didn't matter, as Knudsen pulled the 32-yard effort left.

1:00 3rd QTR:Just when Fetters and I were commenting that the only way back in this thing for Washington was a turnover RIGHT NOW - boom. Taj Bomar provides with a tremendous stick. Gunheim recovers. We just might have a game yet. But the Dawgs need seven.

END OF 3RD QTR:A "crowd" of 60,717 is announced. Perhaps 1/2 of them are actually in attendance. The QTR ends with a close call in the corner on a fade to Craig Chambers - but he was out. Bill Douglas is the "Husky Legend". Poor Bill, standing in the rain.

14:30 4th QTR: Well, they don't get seven. A lateral to Sims that never had a chance loses five yards. Knudsen puts it through, but the Dawgs are still down nine. It's Serna 12, Knudsen 3. No word yet on whether anyone else is interest in scoring today. Now Benjamin is walking off gingerly. It just gets thinner as it gets wetter ...

13:00 4th QTR: Mark it down - a Husky DB actually turned on a deep ball. Goldson makes a terrific play on a bomb heading for Hass. It's three-and-out for OSU. Let's see how Johnny does into the teeth of this day-long storm. Oops - it's a reciprocal three-and-out. OSU now has all the field-position, taking over at the Husky 41. They don't do anything, but Paulescu hits a perfect dead-bounce punt, downed at the Husky four ...

8:00 4th QTR: Washington now throwing exclusively, and Oregon State is bringing five-and-six on every play. A perfectly executed slant to Chambers breaks wide open, but Craig forgets to put it away (to be fair, Chambers had been outstanding up to that point). Too bad, it would have gone for at least 50 yards. Instead, it's just another fourth down for the Huskies. Winning plays have to be made to win games (with apologies to Chuck Knox).

7:00 4th QTR: Now I've seen it all - Mike Hass drops a sure touchdown. Oregon State has thrown it three straight times while trying to put this one away. Unfortunately, two are caught - and there is no pass rush on Moore at all. In 23 second-half minutes, UW has 57 yards of total offense. What QB controversy?

5:00 4th QTRL After getting another drop from Shackleford, DuRocher throws it right into the cover-two, and Piscitelli has an easy pick. Pretty much wraps things up. Now the debating on who should be starting next week can begin. Personally, I think it needs to be Isaiah - nothing really happened for the J-man. And the scoreboard says it's fifth down (true). Time to head downstairs ...

END-OF-GAME POST MORTEM: Really, the 13 points scored during the long trek to the field and the interview room did little to affect the outcome. While Oregon State penalties certainly helped Washington to the game's only touchdown, nobody really entertained any miracle thoughts - did they? Awaiting the players and coach for another somber conference. Ooops, Tyrone just walked into the room, and so it's time to go ... thanks everyone for the time!!!

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