OSU 18, UW 10 – What the players thought

Of course, what's on everyone's mind – besides wondering just how Washington can possibly avoid a zero in the conference win ledger for a second straight season – is the state of quarterback situation in the wake of Saturday's Beaver washout. Before entering the room for interviews, the two quarterbacks shared an embrace in a show of camaraderie. Here's what they – and others - had to say ...

Isaiah Stanback on being replaced: "That's what coaching decisions are all about. They have to make them. Of course I wanted to play, that's just me - but I was still confident with Johnny going in there. I mean, it wasn't like someone was coming in with less talent – Johnny is good. So I was confident in that case. I do understand why they gave him a shot."

Asked about what being pulled might do to his confidence: "Nothing. I'm going to look at the things I did well and do them again at the next opportunity, and correct the things I did wrong. Whether I play a whole game or a half."

And what he expects next week: "I don't know - it's always competitive, and I'm just going to prepare the same. Neither one of us knows what's going to happen. When you're going back-and-forth every week, like we did last year, that's when it can get confusing."

"So the coaches have to make their decision, and you gotta stick with it."

What he thought of his performance: "I thought I played OK. I wish there was one ball I could have had back (the illegal forward pass). On the fumble, it was just a good play from them. They covered up the screen man and I had no other option - I gotta throw the ball away in that situation."

Johnny DuRocher on getting the call: "I was told to get warmed up with a couple minutes to go in the half - my goal was to go in and help win the game. We were down 12 at the time (actually, it was nine), and I had a whole half to grind out (the necessary) points – and we just didn't get it done. You couldn't pin it on the weather; it was the same out there for both teams."

Thoughts on his performance and his comfort level: "I felt comfortable out there – I had a good week of practice going in. The biggest thing was staying warm out there. The guys were great in rallying around me - we just didn't make enough plays."

"It felt a little different, getting knocked around out there and knowing you had something to do with the loss. It makes it a little more disappointing."

Did he have a feeling he would play this week: "Not really. I thought we both had a good week of practice. We split reps during the week, and the coaches just told me to be ready, like they always do every week."

His thoughts on switching QBs mid-game: "I'm sure it was tough on Isaiah – he's a competitor and nobody likes to get pulled. But it's the situation we are in. We just have to support each other and go out and try to win some games."

His thoughts on what he expects this week: "As far as I know, Isaiah is still the starter. I'm sure we'll come in (Sunday) and look at the film, and if they make a change I'll be ready and if they don't, I still gotta come in and be ready to work this week."

"The guys just want whoever has the best chance of getting wins out there behind them. It shouldn't be a distraction this week. They'll give it their all for whoever is back there."

Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano on what he saw out there: "It was a tough day on both of them. There was a lot of pressure in their face, and they both struggled to make some throws. Then we had a couple of drops, and that just doubles the problems."

"We thought we had some stuff over the top early that was open, but we were getting hit as we were letting it go – we had some guys free but we just couldn't get them the ball."

Did Oregon State do anything special in bringing so much heat: "No, they just got after us and were beating our guys. We'd keep guys in the box and it didn't matter. It was just a really tough day (offensively)."

Any thoughts on who might lead the offense next week: "I've got to look at the film to see which way we're going to go. But it will be a lot like last week I'm pretty sure, where they split reps 50-50."

Craig Chambers on how the huddle reacted to the change: "There was really no difference in the huddle when Johnny came in. It wasn't like there was a panic when Isaiah went out. We felt when Johnny came in that he could get the job done, too."

On his big fourth-quarter drop that might have been six: "I think I'm the hardest person on my self when I make a drop. It sucks – it's something you just can't do in that situation. But you have to keep on going."

Stanley Daniels on the team's offensive struggles: "I think what it comes down to is the coaches make the calls and the players have to execute those calls. We have some of the best coaches in America on our staff, and tonight it came down to us not executing. We have the ability to. And we didn't use our full ability tonight.

"Our defense had a good game. But we didn't execute."

Evan Benjamin had seventeen tackles. His take on the defense's effort: "Field goals are OK I guess, but we want to try to hold them to no points. We only caused one turnover on a wet day, and we gave up four of five. We should have been better in that area."

On the team's mental state: "It's tough (continuing to lose), but I see a lot of guys still trying out there. And guys like Taj (Bomar), coming in for a senior captain and stepping up – that's what we're looking for."

On the quarterback change: "We have confidence in both Isaiah and Johnny – it doesn't matter to us who the coaches send out."

Tahj Bomar played an extended role for an injured Joe Lobendahn. His thoughts: "Evan Benjamin and Scott White were communicating constantly with me, and it helped me out a lot. I think I played pretty well. The weather wasn't that bad to me – I played here in High School and so it wasn't that big of a deal to me."

On his big pop that caused Bernard to fumble: "We saw the guards pull and Scott (White) help me stay inside. Just when I came up I saw (Bernard) leave his feet – he was vulnerable and that's when I went for the big hit."

On the outlook of filling in for Lobendahn if Joe is out for an appreciable time: "We still have two opportunities to improve on last year's record and take positive steps forward. And I'm looking forward to strapping it up and helping my team out – I'm ready."

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