Spring game update - Craig Chambers

Craig Chambers is a 6-5, 195-pound receiver from Mill Creek (Wash.) Jackson and the younger brother of former Husky Richie Chambers took in the atmosphere at last Saturday's UW spring game with his Mother, Sue. With interest coming from around the nation and all points in-between, it's looking more and more apparent that Craig will be able to write his own D1 ticket soon. The question remains - will it be a short trip?

"I got there a little bit late and the rest of the guys were on the tour already, so I just talked to a couple of the people there," Chambers told Dawgman.com about his day on Saturday. "Then we ate for a little bit and I got to meet Curtis Williams."

Curtis was just finishing up a whirl-wind tour of his old stomping grounds, including a first-pitch ceremony at Safeco Field and a fundraiser for his fund at El Gaucho. "It was real quick," Craig said of his meeting with number 25. "I patted him on the shoulder, and told him that it was nice to meet him and then I left. He told me that he appreciated it."

Husky fans looking for a quick glimpse of the Timberwolves' receiver would have struck out as he wasn't on the sidelines. "I watched the game from the Don James center," he said. "Most of the other players were outside, but I watched it from there just because it was a little bit cold. I left after the second half and went home."

Craig did get a chance to talk to one of Richie's old coaches at Montlake. "I talked to Coach Hart," said Chambers. "He said, 'Hey, good to see you,' and we talked about my brother a little bit. He just talked about the good times they had and how they joked around. He had to go, so he didn't really get a chance to talk to me for too long."

Chambers didn't mingle, as he was more intent on checking out the game. "I didn't really talk to anybody up there," he said. "Richy Mulcahy was there and he goes to my school. I sat next to him during the game. I also talked to Kyle Trew. He goes to Edmonds-Woodway and I knew him from before."

What has Craig been up to lately? "I've been running track but I'm not going to run anymore because I had an ankle injury, a little ankle sprain," he said. "I'm going to be focusing on football the rest of the summer, getting ready for next season. I probably won't go to any of the combines, probably just the Western (team) camp and maybe one other. I think if I go to the Oregon combine, I won't be able to do anything. I just want to give 100 percent towards healing. I'm just going to be working out, improving my speed and my vertical."

Craig has some ideas as to unofficial visits he may take this summer. "I'll probably take one to Oregon and it depends on which areas I'm in," he said. "If I'm in somebody's area then I'll probably take an unofficial visit there, but besides that I don't have any planned unofficial trips."

He only has one standing offer, from the University of Washington. But that doesn't mean colleges aren't paying attention. "Just a lot of new letters, but no other offers yet," Craig said. That number should definitely change within the next 30 days.

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