Spring game update - Richy Mulcahy

Richy Mulcahy is a 6-4, 265-pound OL/DL prospect from Mill Creek (Wash.) Jackson, and Richy has been checking out the University of Washington this spring so it was no surprise that he took in the Huskies' spring game last Saturday.

"It was great," Mulcahy told Dawgman.com yesterday. "I had a lot of fun. We walked around the area and went up to the Don James center. Then we got a chance to talk with the coaches, and then Coach Neuheisel gave a speech to the players. He really stressed academics. And then we got a chance to talk to Coach Gilbertson and Coach Hart. After that we were split into two groups for a walking tour. Then we came back and had some barbeque."

As a lineman himself, Richy couldn't help but check out the big guys up front. "I was watching things but I was more focused on both lines, just looking at the size and speed and agility they had," he said. "They had a lot of intensity and looked like they were having fun out there. I liked that."

Mulcahy enjoyed the live action. "They were definitely going at it," he said. "I thought it was going to be a more controlled scrimmage. Coach Neuheisel was out on the field and everything but they didn't hold back at all. They were hitting hard and going full speed."

Richy saw Neuheisel again, this time with Keith Gilbertson, just a couple of days later. "They came to Jackson yesterday like they said they would," he said. "They got transcripts and watched some film with our coaches. It was the first day they could do that. Also a coach came from Washington State and also from Oregon State."

Football is on the back burner, but just for the time being. Right now Richy is concentrating on throwing the shot put. "Well, I threw the shot 50 feet, which I was pretty pleased about and I'm working hard towards WesCo, which is next week," Mulcahy said. "I'm going to go to the Oregon Nike camp, then stay over for the Oregon mini-camp the next day. Then I'll head back up for Husky camp and then go to our team camp at Western (Washington)."

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