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Two games to go. The best thing about this week? We get to head off to the sun. Tucson is a blast, lots of good food, great golf, and open tennis courts to those of us that swing the racquet. Oh yea, and there is a football game. Let's hope it's a good one. Here is what my staff thinks.

Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 8-1.

The Wildcats might be a little deflated after their huge win over UCLA, but the only thing the Huskies seem to be interested in right now is the fact that they get a couple of days in the sun. Willie Tuitama will keep the good vibes in Tucson flowing with a nice passing day and no mistakes.

Prediction: Arizona 35, Washington 14
Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 7-2.

"Football is not a contact sport. Football is a collision sport. Dancing is a contact sport." - Duffy Daugherty

Congrats to our esteemed chief editor for taking home the 2005 DM.com prediction crown. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. There's nothing more any of us can really say about this season - except to remind those students taking the Existentialism final next month that the best way to an "A" is to just leave all the answers blank.

So, who's up for the dance? Anyone?

Prediction: Arizona 34, Washington 14

Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 7-2.

In a paralell universe, perhaps this Saturday the Arizona Wildcats with their quarterback Willie Tuitama are squaring off against the Washington Huskies and their QB Matt Tuiasosopo. In THIS universe, however, it will be the same old tired routine in the desert. The Huskies will keep it close for thirty minutes but then a mistake will occur and the wheels will fall off the wagon.

Prediction: Arizona 36, Washington 17
Scott Eklund, New kid on the block. Record: 7-2.

Just when you thought the Huskies might be ready to bust out with wins in the final month of the season, you see a debacle like last week's pathetic display versus Oregon State. Now the Dawgs head to Tuscon to play a resurgent Arizona Wildcat team coming of two big victories, including a 52-14 romp over previously unbeated UCLA. The Dawgs have no hope right? Wrong. Stanback has to have realized that his position is not secure and because of that, he has to play better than he did against ASU and OSU. I have faith...I can't believe I just said that. Look for the Huskies to upset the Wildcats and set themselves up for a big Apple Cup win.

Prediction: Washington 28, Arizona 24
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 6-3.

Come on I am not going to kid anybody. These pups are not going to win. I know pretty harsh, but what have they done recently to say otherwise? Very little. UW is not a very good team. Who really knows why. Is it lack of talent, lack of depth, too conservative coaching, poor player attitudes, or all of the aforementioned and than some? It pains me to see this program stuck at the bottom. All I can do is continue to believe and hope that soon it will get better. I'd sure like to see our younger players step up. It seems like everybody but us has some young sensation. Good thing I am blessed with patience. I don't want to think what I'd be like if I didn't.

Prediction: Arizona 30, Washington 17
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 6-3.

After last week's performance, can it really get any worse? After the ASU game I felt sorry for Coach Wilkes. Last week I felt sorry for Coach Denbrock. is there anybody on the OL he can depend on? When I took my boys to Disneyland, whenever they started misbehaving, I'd threaten to take them to " Small World". They straightened up real quick. Denbrock needs to threaten then OL if they don't play any better he's going to make them watch the OSU game again. Expect to see Isaiah running for his life against the rejuvenated Wildcats. The ball is still rolling downhill.

Prediction: Arizona 34, Washington 3
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 6-3.

Has this team thrown in the towel? No. However, they clearly don't know how to win. It won't start this week against a resurgent Arizona team that is hitting their rhythm. Washington badly needs a leader, this team has none. They need a consistent quarterback that both coaches and players can trust, some JC help at OT, some bigger linebackers that can tackle as well as run, some defensive linemen that can bulk up quick, and a secondary. Other than that, this team is in fine shape.

Prediction: Arizona 42, Washington 17
Joe Kaiser, Intern Emeritus. Record: 6-3.

Make it stop... before I announce my resignation as the everlasting Dawgman.com intern! It's been a great gig that has led to many opportunities, my favorite of which was jamming with Mick and the Stones. But I digress. If the Huskies can't win at home, they surely can't win on the road. The Wildcats' huge win over UCLA last week only hurts the Huskies chances more. Just make it stop!!!

Prediction: Arizona 35, Washington 24
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 3-6.

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Prediction: Arizona 70, Washington 0
Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 1-8

Washington doesn't know how to win. It's not for lack of effort. From the sidelines you can see the effort. When breaking down game film, you can see the effort. It's just the execution and too much thinking that is killing this team. The coaches have all moved into their offices attempting to turn this around, they have NOT given up. It is very hard to have faith that it will turn around given the mounting losses, but you all know me. I think Ty will get it turned around, it just may take longer than we all wanted. But this Arizona team will get their first taste of the beginning of the Husky turnaround.

Prediction: Washington 23, Arizona 21
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