Hibernation an option; UW puts Bears to sleep

Butch Beard transformed himself on Sunday. He went from head coach of the Morgan State Bears to spectator as Washington gave Head Coach Lorenzo Romar a fitting 47th birthday present in the form of a 118-51 blowout in the first round of the BCA Classic at Bank of America Arena. And guess who Beard can thank for that? Marvin Williams.

North Carolina was supposed to come to Seattle as a way of paying back Williams - who hails from Bremerton. But when the frosh was picked in the NBA draft, that changed everything.

"Originally we were going to play North Carolina, but when Marvin Williams went to the pros, the game was cancelled - which opened the door for this opportunity here," Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar said after the game. "It was one we thought was really special and we took advantage of it.

"Very few games are played with everyone making great contributions, but tonight everyone was on the same page. Our bench was fantastic. They gave us great effort and made great plays. I thought that overall, our guys did a nice job."

Beard good naturedly took the Bears' loss in style, despite the 67-point margin of victory trumping the Huskies' 130-67 romp over Chico State in 1992. In fact, Washington's reserves came within four points of tying the Bears' team total. "We will get something out of it," he said with a chuckle. "What, I don't know. I will have to wait and find out.

"Athletically, they were bigger and stronger and caused us a lot of problems. They didn't do anything that I hadn't seen or wasn't prepared for. But I can't simulate what they do in practice with the guys I've got, so they had to experience it live."

The Huskies had seven players in double figures, led by Bobby Jones' 18 points and Jon Brockman's 17 points and 10 rebounds, a double-double in his first career start. The Bears were held without a player scoring in double figures until less than two minutes left in the game. Washington (1-0, 0-0), with withering pressure on the ball from the start, forced Beard's team into 36 turnovers, a Husky school record.

The Huskies also came up with 23 steals, also an all-time record, besting the 2004 squad's 21 thefts against Sacred Heart.

Jones, unlike the Huskies first game, started quick offensively, but he used his stellar defense as the catalyst. Beard called a 30-second timeout when the game was 9-0 and the crowd - as is customary at Hec Ed when the opponent hasn't scored yet - was still standing.

The Huskies forced six Bear turnovers in the first three minutes, and they didn't score until 4:35 had elapsed, as Karanvir Aujla hit a 20-footer from the baseline. Aujla was also the only Morgan State player to hit a three-pointer the entire night, as they went 1-8 from deep.

By then it was 11-2 and Romar had already brought in Brandon Burmeister, Ryan Appleby and Artem Wallace off the bench. Burmeister, Joel Smith and Hans Gasser combined for 37 points and the entire Washington frontcourt went 28-40 from the field. Gasser's 14 points were a career high, as he was perfect from inside the arc.

Mid-way through the first half it was 18-4 and not getting any better for Beard's Bears. With 11:37 left in the opening half, Washington was already in the double bonus and by the 10-minute mark, they had still held Morgan State in single-digits.

It was at this point where Beard, who had been standing up for a considerable portion of the first half, decided the seat behind him was a much more comfortable option since there was no more coaching to be done this day.

A 7-0 run - puncuated by a Ryan Appleby three - propelled the Huskies to a 37-9 lead with 7:28 left in half, while it took Morgan State almost thirteen minutes to get to double-digits in scoring.

Brockman and Brandon Roy were playing pitch and catch with each other like Laurel and Hardy, but instead of zinging one-liners they were feeding each other crisp passes for easy looks.

The Bears came out firing in the second half and nearly doubled their first-half output in the first five minutes. But a 32-14 run over the next 13 minutes comfortably put Washington ahead at 111-45.

It was the total package that impressed Beard the spectator. "I wasn't impressed with one individual, I was impressed with the way they played," he said. "They play unselfish, and that is the mark of a good ball club. Lorenzo has done a great job of getting them ready. To me, that is the most impressive thing."

Washington plays the winner of Sunday night's Wisconsin-Green Bay/North Carolina-Greensboro matchup.
Crashing the glass: The Huskies out-rebounded Morgan State 50-31, their first 50-rebound performance since grabbing 54 boards against Arizona in 2001.

No Perry: Frosh guard Harvey Perry was the only player available tonight that didn't see action. His back had been acting up on him in the practices leading up to Washington's first-round game, and Romar didn't want to take any chances. "We have to wait to get an updated diagnosis," he said when asked about Perry's availabity in Monday's game.

The Mask: Brockman wore a clear mask around his nose for the second-straight game and he'll continue to wear it for at least the next three weeks. He broke his nose in practice. "I'm getting more and more used to it," he said, noting that he's shooting free throws now without taking it off.

Do as I say, not as I do: Justin Dentmon has this interesting habit as he's playing defense - he screams at the guy he's guarding. The Dawgpack picked up on it during Washington's exhibition game against Simon Fraser and now every time Dentmon starts screaming on defense, they do too. Will it last? "I'm not sure about that," said Romar.

Birthday wishes: As Romar strolled onto the court during pre-game, the Washington band played 'Happy Birthday'. The Dawgpack started singing it too, but the band and the 'Pack never quite got it in unison.
Points: Jones 18, Brockman 17, Williams 14, Gasser 14, Roy 13, Burmeister 12, Smith 11, Dentmon 9, Appleby 6, Wallace 4
Rebounds: Brockman 10, Wallace 7, Gasser 6, Dentmon 5, Jones 4, Williams 4, Roy 4, Burmeister 4, Smith 3, TEAM 2, Appleby 1
Assists: Dentmon 8, Roy 6, Williams 4, Brockman 4, Smith 3, Jones 2, Wallace 2, Burmeister 1, Appleby 1, Gasser 1
Blocks: Smith 3, Roy 2, Williams 1, Burmeister 1, Wallace 1, Gasser 1

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