Junior Profile - Andy Darkins

Andy Darkins is a 6-2, 228-pound FB/LB prospect from Lake Oswego, Oregon and right now Andy has a lot on his plate. He's preparing for football camps and the SAT, running track and finishing his junior year in school. But Darkins thrives on challenges. His next challenge will be trying to get a football scholarship? Will he get one? Don't bet against it.

"I like defense more," Darkins told Dawgman.com. "I've always just had a knack for it. I've enjoyed playing defense ever since Pee-Wees. I really like it. I like the battle. But to be honest, I'll play wherever. I'm won't be picky. I just want to play."

Andy runs a 4.71 40, benches 295 pounds, squats 440 pounds and jumps 29 inches in the vertical leap. He racked up 127.5 tackles for the Lakers last year, including 7 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and one touchdown, earning him third team all-state (LB), first team all-three rivers league and Gridiron Greats '2001 Rising Star' honors.

"I have a saying - 'Every tackle, every play'," Andy said, reciting his mantra. "I want to be in there all the time. My goal is to dominate every game I play in."

He does it with a high-motor style that is patterned from the teachings of Darkins' head coach. "I exude a lot of energy out there," he said. "I probably stand out. I like to make big hits but I'll always be classy. I'll never stand over a player, do something like that. It's just something I've taken from my coach, Mike Coury. It's been such a pleasure to play for him. He always taught us to make big hits but not to draw attention to yourself."

Andy is looking to make some improvements on his play before his senior season begins. "It's all about speed right now," he said. "I've been doing track. In fact, to be honest, track is my favorite sport. I know I don't have a future in track, but I love it."

To that end, Darkins is going to do his best to get his name out in the sport he may have a future in . "I'm going to go to the Nike camp in Eugene, but other than that I'm undecided," he said. "Actually I'd like to go to the Princeton camp."

Princeton? Talking to Andy, it's clear he's got some favorite conferences. "I would like to go to the Pac-10 or Big-10 first, but if I get into Harvard or another Ivy League school, that would be hard to pass up," he said. His favorites are Harvard, Princeton, Washington, Oregon and UCLA. He's been hearing from all of those schools, as well as ASU, Stanford, Oregon State and Washington State, Nebraska, Duke and Northwestern.

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