Junior Profile - Dan Gore

Dan Gore is a 6-5, 240-pound lineman from Prosser, Washington and Dan played well enough last season for the Mustangs to earn All league honors for both offense and defense. He's looking to elevate his game to the next level.

"I really like both aspects," Gore told Dawgman.com about playing line. "But I do like a sack better than a pancake block because everyone sees a sack. They see that I took out the quarterback."

Dan also likes being part of a proud and storied Prosser Mustang tradition. "I think it's great being a part of it," he said. "I'm always working as hard as I can to help keep up the tradition, keep things going."

Gore knows he's got plenty of room to improve his game. "I think it's because I can see the field well, read plays," Dan said when talking about his strengths. "And I'm a lot stronger and quicker than I was in 10th grade, so that helped a lot. I want to get quicker off the ball. And I want to improve my max on the bench."

Dan plays other sports in the off-season, but he knows what sport will potentially earn him a scholarship. "I've come to enjoy basketball and track and I'll play in some basketball tournaments in the summer but football comes first," he said.

He's been proactive seeking those up-to-now elusive offers. "Well, our team camp is at Eastern and I'm also going around with Coach (Tom Moore) to see some schools," Gore said when asked about his summer plans. "U-Dub, Wazzu, Oregon...I think Boise State and Montana too. This is the first time he's doing this. I think he's talked to some other coaches and it sounds like they are doing that too."

Dan has been hearing from Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Arizona and Arizona State. Since Prosser is located almost smack in the middle of the state of Washington, has Gore had to struggle with a favorite growing up? "Well, we have some close friends that are Wazzu fans but to be honest I've always liked the Huskies a little more."

Gore showed his favoritism by showing up at the Huskies' spring game last Saturday. "The game was cool," he said. "I got to check out the stadium and also spoke to Coach Hart for a little bit. It was a good experience."

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