Huskies play Lion-tamers in rout

Rodney Tention knew all about Washington from his days as an assistant under Lute Olson at Arizona. He knew all about what the Huskies were capable of doing against his out-manned Loyola-Marymount squad, so Friday's 112-65 beating at the hands of the Huskies didn't come as much of a shock at all. All the first-year coach could do was sit in his seat and watch, which is pretty much what he did for the whole game.

"The better team won, without a doubt," said Tention. "They wanted it more. (Washington Head Coach) Lorenzo (Romar) has them playing at a high level, and someday we want to be there. They are a good team and they showed it. Today they beat us the way they are supposed to beat us."

Washington (6-0) hit the ground running on offense, with threes from Brandon Roy, Justin Dentmon and Bobby Jones right from the start. Add to the Huskies .605 shooting percentage from the field - including .538 from behind the arc and a perfect 12-12 from the charity stripe - their stifling man-to-man defense and it was a lethal combination that knocked the Lions out of the game early.

"I thought our guys did a nice job defending, which is usually the catalyst for us if we're going to play well," Romar said after the game. "Everyone contributed tonight, there were a lot of heroes in this game."

Roy again had a quiet but very effective night, coming up with 19 points to lead all scorers. Ryan Appleby went 6-11 from deep, scoring 18 points. Jamaal Williams had his first double-double of his career, scoring 17 points and wrapping up 12 rebounds for the Huskies. Jones and Jon Brockman were the other Washington players to score in double-digits, with 15 and 11 points respectively.

Justin Dentmon had a very solid showing for the Huskies, scoring 7 points, but dishing 9 assists while only turning the ball over three times. "We've very pleased with Justin," Romar said of the true frosh from Carbondale, Ill. "In the first half, he did a good job of controlling the game on the offensive and the defensive end. I told him that at halftime even though he had only taken two shots he was having a bigger impact on the game than anybody because he had six assists and zero turnovers and he played really good 'on-the-ball' defense. Justin has used these past games to really improve his game as a floor leader for us."

The Huskies forced an astonishing 22 turnovers in the first half leading to 26 UW points, and it was clear that Washington wasn't going to make this a closer contest than last year's UW 100-93 victory in California. In fact, the Huskies set a school record for points in the first half with 65.

"We've had turnovers this year, but not like that," said Tention. "This is the first team that has played this type of pressure defense against us. It is about passing the ball to our guy, and having your guy be able to get open and coming to the ball - you can't make 20-foot passes against a good defensive team, or good athletes, and that is what we did."

After the first scheduled television timeout, LMU went into a 3/4 trap after a made basket, but it didn't faze the Huskies. Appleby and Hans Gasser went to work, dropping five of seven threes when they couldn't get the ball inside.

"We tell Ryan to go play basketball and if he's open we want him to take the shot," Romar said of Appleby's play. "We're not telling him to do anything but shoot the three. When he's open he has the green light to shoot the ball whenever he likes and our guys know he's a good shooter, so they look for him."

And getting the ball inside wasn't a problem, as Washington outscored the Lions 42-20 in the paint.

All the Lion players that played well in last year's game - Daryl Peagram, John Haywood, Matthew Knight, Brandon Worthy and Dustin Brown scored 76 of LMU's 93 points - combined for only 30 points Friday night. Wes Wardrop was the Lions' only double-digit scorer, and most of his 13 points were scored via the three-point line in garbage time.

Since the game became a foregone conclusion almost before it started, the Dawgpack - Washington's student section - had to get creative to keep fan interest up. In fact, the biggest fan effort came with less than thirty seconds left in the game, as walk-on Zane Potter hit a three to give Washington their final margin of victory.

"They just outworked us today," said Tention.

Points: Roy 19, Appleby 18, Williams 17, Jones 15, Brockman 11, Smith 8, Wallace 8, Dentmon 7, Gasser 6, Potter 3
Rebounds: Williams 12, Brockman 7, Jones 6, Gasser 5, Dentmon 4, Roy 3, TEAM 3, Burmeister 2, Wallace 2
Assists: Dentmon 9, Jones 4, Roy 4, Smith 4, Williams 1, Brockman 1, Burmeister 1, Appleby 1, Wallace 1, Gasser 1
Steals: Smith 3, Brockman 2, Appleby 2, Wallace 2, Jones 1, Williams 1, Dentmon 1, Gasser 1
Blocks: Smith 2, Jones 1, Williams 1, Roy 1, Gasser 1 Top Stories