Junior Profile - Chad Sutter

Chad Sutter is a 6-3, 280-pound lineman from Olympia (Wash.) River Ridge and Chad hasn't wasted any time when it comes to improving his football prowess. Sutter has been working out with some pretty intense gentlemen who know a thing or two when it comes to playing the game.

"It's crazy," Sutter told Dawgman.com when talking about gotz2sports, a training academy set up by former Washington Husky Steve Emtman. Another former Husky, center Kyle Benn works out there and former Washington track and field star Ben Lindsay is one of the trainers. "It's a whole different environment," Chad said. "You see what they bring to the table every day. Just their work ethic and everything that they do, all the skills they possess as a player."

Gotz2 Sports information can be found on the web at Gotz2 Sports.

It's ironic that Sutter has never seen film of the former Outland and Lombardi award winner roaming around Husky Stadium and doing his thing. "I've never seen him on film, but one day we were working out and there are a lot of other kids that work out with him but he was like 'You and me, one-on-ones now!'," Chad said. "He wanted me to play on offense and it was just crazy! His hands...he has the quickest hands I have ever seen. He doesn't need speed, strength or anything. It's just the hands and how he reacts to yours. I was like, 'Dang!'."

Chad works hard at not being intimidated working with Emtman, but it's not easy. "Not necessarily because of size, because you get used to going up against big people, but just knowing that he was the number one overall pick and knowing that he could have been one of the one of the greatest defensive tackles ever if it wasn't for those knees...it is kind of intimidating, but his hands...that's what got me," Sutter said.

Because of his own strength and agility training, Chad is one of the top pure athletes in the state, running a 4.85 40, benching 405 pounds, squatting 550, power cleaning 285 pounds and jumping 23 inches in the vertical leap. "I don't know where I'm at with the power clean," Sutter said. "I was working with Steve (Emtman) and we were doing cleans in sets of three and I was doing 255 for three."

Chad was already a well-recognized talent before his foray into Gotz2 Sports, as he was One of only five juniors on the Seattle Times' top 100 recruit list last year. He had 84 total tackles, 38 of those unassisted, including 2 sacks and 1 forced fumble he returned for a touchdown. Sutter's high school last year was former Husky Danny Greene, but Greene is no longer coaching the Hawks. Sutter has found that Greene's departure has had an effect on his recruitment.

"It's hard right now because all the coaches want to talk to Coach Greene right now and he's in Texas with his trucking company," Chad said, referecing the May evaluation period. "So a lot of them aren't coming through River Ridge right now."

Sutter hasn't received any scholarship offers yet, but he's not concerned. "I'm not worried about it," he said. "I see a lot of other players are getting offered right now that I've seen play and I know I'm at that level. But I'm going to camp (Washington) and Steve told me that I'll probably get offered if I play well and have a good camp."

Chad plays both ways for River Ridge, but prefers defense. "I think D," he said. "I played d tackle for the first four games of the season and it was worthless," he said. "It was like, me being triple teamed or they would just run away from me. So then I went to the weakside end spot. Then it was hard for teams, because they really couldn't run away from me and there wasn't a weakside tackle out there who could block me. It was more fun for me. I enjoy the game so much. I'm a big, physical guy and I try to go out there and dominate every play. I try to not take a play off and work my hardest at the things I do."

Talking to his friends at Gotz2 Sports, however, Chad learned of a different perspective. "I'm a defensive person," Sutter said. "I need to go after the ball. Just talking to Kyle and Steve and other guys, they were saying how in college they like to put their best players on offense, so they were talking to me and how I could be a center or being a long snapper."

So what makes Chad the player that he is? "Probably my work ethic, my desire and will to succeed and excel at being the best," he said. "Before, it's all about being the best player on the team, but it's more than that. I want to be known as the best players in the state. I want to be one of the best players in the nation. That's my goal. I've never been satisfied with trying to impress those people that are close to me. I want to go out there and impress everybody."

Sutter also wrestles. "I wrestled at 275," he said. "I did pretty well. I started late because I kind of needed a break after the season. The season beats up on you physically as well as mentally. I also had a minor tear in my shoulder right before districts and I was really conscious of it because I was only really doing wrestling to keep in shape as an extra activity. Even though I backed off a lot I was still 5-3, something like that. I did alright. I wasn't the greatest. (laughs)

His shoulder is now back to one-hundred percent. "It's fine," he said. "I just really wanted to make sure that it was going to be OK. An injury is definitely not what I wanted."

His interest in the local school is strong, but Sutter is keeping all of his options open at this point. "My favorite school is Washington, but my top-3 are Washington, Oregon and ASU," he said.

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