Trip report: Brandon Johnson

Although there were stories to the contrary, Compton DT Brandon Johnson was indeed in Seattle this weekend on an official visit to Washington and he spoke with about his visit and his thoughts on his current commitment to Nebraska.

"I had a good time," Johnson said before he boarded the plane back to Los Angeles. "I talked to all of the coaches and met a lot of the players. Coach (Tyrone) Willingham was a good guy. He said they need some JC players on the defensive line and that I am their top guy there."

Johnson said the Huskies have told him he could come in and play either defensive tackle or defensive end and he said it was nice to know he is needed that much.

"Eric Lobos was my host. He was a cool dude. We just talked about how things are at Washington and how the coaches really are. He likes it there and just said he enjoys his time playing for the Huskies."

Johnson made a verbal commitment to Nebraska fairly early in the process and even though Washington seemed to make an impression on him, he wasn't ready to say he wanted to go anywhere else.

"I'm still committed to Nebraska right now," Johnson said. "I will say that Washington got me thinking more about everything, but I'm still committed there. I enjoyed my visit (to Seattle) and everything about it, but I'm not ready to make any changes."

Johnson said the highlight of his visit was seeing the school and the campus and Husky Stadium.

"Like I said, it was a real good visit. I really enjoyed myself," Johnson said.

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