Trip report: Carl Nicks

The Huskies lose five offensive lineman to graduation this year and so the coaching staff has been hitting the recruiting circuit trying to find players to come in and play right away for them in 2006. One player who could make an immediate impact on the Husky offensive line is Hartnell JC OL Carl Nicks. was able to catch up with the busy young man and he talked about recruiting and two people who will play a big part in deciding where he ends up playing his college ball.

"I had a great visit," the big man from central California said. "Meeting coach (Tyrone) Willingham would have to be the highlight of the trip. He is such and honest and straightforward man.

"He's really impressive in person. When I was in his office talking to him I just sat and listened. I've never met a coach or a man like him. He doesn't talk down to you, like you're a kid. He treats you like a man. He's really wise. He cared more about me as a person than as a football player. He wants you to be able to provide for yourself and your family. That is very important to me."

Even more important to Nicks because he already has a wife and child.

"When I'm looking at where I want to go to school, I can't just look at what is best for me," Nicks said thoughtfully. "I have to take into account if the area is safe, make sure it isn't a rough neighborhood. I need to make sure my wife can get into a junior college and that it isn't too far away from my family. We need babysitters and stuff like that, so that will call come into play."

Nicks was a full-qualifier out of North Salinas High School three years ago and committed to New Mexico State to play football, but things didn't work out.

"I didn't really like the situation with the coaches there," Nicks said matter-of-factly. "I transferred to Hartnell and I'm much happier for it."

On his visit, Nicks also got to meet the man who would be his position coach should he end up becoming a Husky.

"Coach (Mike) Denbrock is a great coach," Nicks said. "You can really tell that his players respect him and that he's a real cool, down-to-earth guy. I really gained a lot of respect for him when I got to talk to him."

Nicks did not commit to UW on his visit this weekend, but that doesn't mean he wasn't close to calling it quits on recruiting.

"I almost (committed) when I was there," Nicks said, but thought better of it. "I really needed to get back here and talk to my wife about it and my parents. Like I said, I have other people to consider when I make my decision.

"Washington is definitely my leader right now, but I'm still going to take my visits to Nebraska (12/9) and Louisville (12/16)," Nicks said.

Nicks will graduate in May and will have two years to play two wherever he commits.

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