Trip report: Travis Goethel

The second big recruiting weekend has ended and Vista (Cal.) LB Travis Goethel was one of the main prospects on campus as the Husky coaches continue to try and round out their class with hard-nosed football players. caught up with Goethel at the airport as he was waiting to fly out and he spoke about his visit and how close he is to making a decision.

"I loved my trip a lot," Goethel said, noting that QB Johnny DuRocher was his host while at Montlake. "We hung out two nights in a row. He's a pretty cool guy. He told me why he was a Husky and why it's a good school to go to."

Because of his frame and sure-tackling ability, Goethel said linebackers coach Chris Tormey is recruiting him to play the middle linebacker position in the Huskies' defense.

"(Tormey) said he was really excited to get me up here," Goethel said. "He said he wants me to come in ready to challenge to play in the middle. He was just really excited to get me to Washington. He showed me some film and how they would use me and getting me familiar with the defense."

Head coach Tyrone Willingham also made an impression on Goethel.

"I had never met him or talked to him before," Goethel said. "Mainly I had just seen him on T.V. When I sat down and talked with him you could tell he means all business when it comes to football. He was a really intense. I liked that."

Goethel said the highlight of his visit was getting to see Seattle.

"I loved Seattle," Goethel said. "It reminds me a lot of San Francisco, only cleaner. It was a really nice town. I didn't realize how nice it was. This was the first time I had ever been up here."

Even though Goethel didn't make a commitment on his visit, that doesn't mean he doesn't have a leader.

"I would say Washington is pretty much my leader," Goethel said reservedly. "I mean, I need to get back home and discuss some things with my parents, but they are pretty much my leader right now.

"Coach Willingham will be in my house on Tuesday to meet my parents, so that will be a good time for my parents to get to know him and stuff."

Goethel says he plans to make a decision before Christmas and has no other official visits set up.

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