Hollins' path clearing up

Dawgman.com was able to talk to Don Grant, Pasadena (Calif.) Muir basketball coach about the status of Ryan Hollins, a 6-11 center prospect from Muir that earlier signed a letter of intent to play basketball at Saint Louis University.

"We are in the process of finalizing the release," Grant said today. "It's not official until both Ryan and the AD from Saint Louis sign it. We're expecting the release to come from Saint Louis today or tomorrow. Ryan will sign it and then send it back to Saint Louis. Once they sign it, he's released. They can't fax it until Ryan signs it."

The release is a partial one, meaning Hollins still needs to file an appeal with the NCAA to make sure he doesn't lose a year of eligibility. "I've heard that 90 to 95 percent of those appeals are granted, so we expect he won't lose any eligibility at all," Grant said.

Once Ryan is deemed officially released, the feeding frenzy will begin for his services. Grant knows that Pac-10 schools will be asking about Ryan, but one school is clearly in the driver's seat. "Ryan has expressed to me that he wants to play for Coach (Lorenzo) Romar," he said. "I expect that Coach Romar will contact Ryan when he can, and it'll be done pretty quickly."

In Grant's opinion, Hollins to Washington is 'basically a done deal'. "I know that Saint Louis isn't in any hurry to get this done, certainly not as fast as Ryan would like them to be," he said. "But expect this to all be done very soon."

But at 210 pounds, a year in the weight room would seem to be a necessity. Grant doesn't know if Ryan would play next year, but Hollins would love the opportunity if his appeal is granted. "Coach Romar told Ryan when he was going to Saint Louis that he would redshirt him unless he was able to get quality minutes in every game," he said. "He wasn't going to use Ryan if he was just going to get 2 minutes here, 3 minutes there. I don't know Washington's lineup as well as Saint Louis', but if they need him to come in and play right away he could do it."

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