Trip report: Marcel Reece

Last weekend the Husky coaching staff hosted a relatively unknown playmaker on campus for an official visit. El Camino JC WR Marcel Reece might be a new name to recruitniks, but colleges are beginning to beat down the door of this freakish athlete. got in touch with Reece and he spoke about his visit and where he goes from here.

"I took a trip to Washington and I had a great time and I learned a lot," Reece said noting the highlight of his trip was a meeting with the Huskies head man. "Come on, Tyrone Willingham, it's enough on its own. He's a great guy. On several occasions we've talked.

"We just talked about life. We talked about his philosophy on life and we talked about my philosophy on life and they're quite similar. The things that he talks about will help you in football and out of football. It was just a great time for me and a great experience."

Washington's starting quarterback Isaiah Stanback was his host and Reece sees great things in the future if he were to become a Dawg.

"That was great talking to (Stanback)," Reece said. "Learning about their system from the man in charge of it – from Isaiah, it was a good experience talking to him. It was just great."

Reece didn't make a decision while he was on his visit to Montlake, but he sounds close to making a decision.

"I basically talked to (the Washington coaches) and said that if I had to make the decision off of these last two days that I would be packing my bags getting ready to go to Washington," Reece said with a laugh.

"I just told coach Willingham that I wanted to have something to compare it to. Just to know that this is the place for me. I just want to have something to compare it to."

Some schools vying for his second visit, one that will take place this coming weekend, are Washington State, Arizona, UNLV, Utah and Kansas State.

"I'm going somewhere this weekend, I'm not sure where though," Reece admitted. "I haven't decided where I'm going this weekend yet. There are so many schools out there who say ‘the ball is in your court. Just let us know if you want to go on this trip and you're there'."

Reece was All-Conference and All-State this past year, amassing 47 catches, 1268 yards and 11 touchdowns and one rushing touchdown. He says most schools are looking at him as a wide receiver, but "If there is a great school recruiting and they give a good sales pitch on something else then I will listen. I always listen to everybody."

Reece doesn't have a preference on where he commits to, but he just wants to find the best place for him.

"I'm just looking for the best offer," Reece said. "Out of high school you say ‘I don't want to go too far' but after high school you start turning into a grown man and it's just like ‘I'm looking for the best offer'. If it's in Maine then I'm going. If it's on Mars I'm going. I'm just looking for the best offer."

Reece will have three years to play two and he will enroll in the fall wherever he decides to finish out his college career. Top Stories