Reece all smiles after commitment

You could sense the smiles all the way through the phone. All the way from Southern California. And it wasn't just coming from the one on the other end. Player, coaches, parents - it was one big toothy grin as El Camino receiver Marcel Reece verbally committed to Washington Monday night after an in-home visit with the Huskies' Head Coach, Tyrone Willingham.

"Really, I didn't plan on making this decision," Reece told "I did plan to wait until January, but we lost in the semi-finals, so I took my trip this last weekend and I had a great, great time. But I still didn't plan on committing. But I had my in-home visit tonight and it was a pleasant conversation, a pleasant visit. And my whole family was smiling when coach Willingham was talking, and I knew by the looks on their faces that it was that time."

"I just hope the University of Washington is as happy about me as I am about them."

Clearly, Willingham's presence in the Reece household gave Marcel's recruitment - he had just returned from his official visit - that extra push into the purple and gold. "Tyrone Willingham...say no more," Reece said of his future head coach. "It's everything. His attitude, philosophy and way of life - it's pretty intense. But it also feels great."

There were a bunch of other schools planning on making a late charge toward the 6-foot-3, 235-pound Reece, but after Willingham's positive pitch he slammed the door shut. "I just wanted to stop all the hassle, all the confusion, stop everything...and just say, 'I'm going to be a Husky'," he said. "Now I can focus on my schoolwork.

"In fact, I just told the Washington State coaches tonight that I'm going to be a Husky and that I'm not going to be taking a trip there."

Isaiah Stanback was Marcel's host on his official visit, and it sure sounds as if some early chemistry was created between quarterback and receiver. Can Husky fans expect to hear 'Stanback to Reece' a lot next fall?

"They can expect plays to be made," Reece said. "Isaiah (Stanback), myself and the rest of the Huskies - I think I can speak for all of them - we're going to put some smiles on Husky fans." Top Stories