Is Myers ready to pop?

Most of the time in recruiting, it's all about the prospect and what they want to do. Their life, their decision. But it would be short-sighted to think that family doesn't play a part in influencing where a prospect decides to hang his helmet for the next four or five years of their lives. And for Lynwood, Calif. athlete Leilyon Myers, things are no different. He's down to two schools, and from listening to him talk - his family just might hold the key to his final decision.

When asked to put a percentage on it, Myers said the chances he'll decide this week is currently at 45 percent. So why is he waiting? "To be honest, I really couldn't tell you right now," he told I'm trying to narrow it down so there's no more pressure, but the more I talk to people, the more advice I get. I'm trying to come down to a verdict."

So what's it going to be? What schools are in the running? "The schools that are recruiting me heavy are Utah and Washington," said Myers. "It's pretty much between them two."

He went on to break things down a little bit. "It's (Salt Lake City) not like city life is here," he added. "It's a great city, and you won't get into a lot of trouble. Washington is more like city life and I felt more at home there - not that I didn't at Utah - but it's more like what I'm used to. But if it's a packed city, there's more trouble to get into. Both of them are great schools."

Leilyon visited Utah in August, the same weekend where the Utes lost to San Diego State. He visited Washington two weeks ago. As of Tuesday, he wasn't sure if he'll talk to coaches from either school before possibly making a decision.

He's gotten a vibe from his family about the school they want to see him at, but he's not giving them up. "I'm not going to give that one away. Not yet," he said with a laugh.

So where they want Myers to go, that's where he'll go? "Something like that, but not all the way," he said, cryptically.

We will continue to be in touch with Myers as he finishes up the recruiting process.

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