Myers verbals to Huskies

Athletic players are needed on every team. It's even better when those athletes are good football players. Lynwood (Cal.) athlete Leilyon Myers is just such a player. Washington head coach Tyrone Willingham was in his home early Thursday evening and the second-year lead Dawg got some good news before he left.

"Basically, since I got back from my trip (to Washington) I've been deciding on the two schools I was interested in which were Utah and Washington," Myers told "I discussed it with my mom – you know the pros and cons of both schools and stuff like that – and we weighed our ideas and I chose a school."

And that school would be?

"I gave my verbal today to Washington," a happy Myers said.

"I felt more at home on my trip to Washington and once I talked to coach Willingham it was settled. It is just remarkable to sit down and talk with him. He's an amazing man. He's accomplished so much in life so you can just imagine what he can do to help his players accomplish."

One person whom Willingham had to win over on his visit was Myers' mother and according to Leilyon he passed with flying colors.

"My dad had met (Willingham) on the trip, but my mom hadn't yet so it was important," Myers said. "She was really impressed. She talked to him about the school and she got to have all her questions answered. They're basically more excited than I am."

Myers can play any one of several positions on the team and he said the coaching staff has mentioned they would bring him in as an athlete and decide later where he fits best.

He also had a parting shot for Dawg fans before the interview ended.

"Hopefully I will be a great asset to the city, to the team and get ready because here I come," the soft-spoken Myers said confidently.

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