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Home cooking. I'm sure the Washington Huskies are happy to be back at home, going through their normal routine and playing in front of partisan crowds. Tonight's opponents - the Eastern Washington Eagles, a team that UW handled easily last year 89-56.

15 minutes before tipoff: The Dawgpack is all here, per usual. They aren't busting out at the seams size-wise, as they were against Gonzaga, but there's definitely strength in numbers. They must have spotted an old referee, because they chanted 'take his whistle' to one of the refs covering tonight's game. It's Dave Libby! Great. Hard to say whether or not the ref knew what was going on. There are not a lot of people here other than that - traffic must be a b*tch.

12 minutes before tipoff: The Dawgpack is trying to rustle up some xmas cheer with some carols, but the band starts playing and drowns them out. It was nice to see Mike Jensen warming up, but he's not supposed to be available until next week.

5 minutes before tipoff: The Dawgpack gives EWU the 'ol Bronx Cheer as they enter Hec Ed. We'll see if they have any love for former Conk Rodney Stuckey.

3 minutes before tipoff: Gotta love a team that has a starter named Deuce. The Huskies will go with their normal five - Roy, Dentmon, Jones, Williams and Brockman.

1 minute before tipoff: Romar comes out in a STYLING purple blazer. The Dawgpack give their approval: "LOVE THE BLAZER". It's time for tipoff. They give the clock the new year's countdown.

Tipoff: One of the ushers did the Star Spangled Banner and ripped off a nice rendition. Brockman is finally without 'The Mask', looking normal for a change. In the introductions now is a nod to the Dawgpack, a nice touch. It clearly gets them fired up. Too bad there aren't a lot of other people in BOA right now. I'm sure it'll look packed by the 10-minute mark.

18:41/1st: A little shaky, and right now played at EWU's tempo. Jamaal Williams is off to his patented hot start and Stuckey looks a little unsure whether to drive pass or shoot. I look for the Huskies to try and pick it up. EWU doesn't look like they can handle any sort of pace at all.

17:04/1st: It's Williams 8, EWU 4.

15:58/1st: Yup, the Eagles will wilt under an up-tempo affair. It's 12-4 and EWU has already has a couple of turnovers and no semblence of a defense to handle the Huskies' quick pass-and-shoot game. And as such, Mike Burns goes zone. We'll see how that works.

14:36/1st: Stuckey hits his first three, let's see if that gets him untracked. The zone didn't last long, and the Huskies keep scoring. 16-7 now. Stuckey just threw the ball away. He needs to be receiving the ball, not distributing the ball.

12:39/1st: The Eagles start to hit some shots and the Huskies are forcing things in the paint. They need to settle down and find their rhythm. They can beat this team with their eyes closed in or out of a half-court game.

11:25/1st: EWU now has 7 turnovers. The Huskies just need to remain patient on D and get back! If they do that, the Eagles are self-destructing. On the defensive end, EWU is really trying to ball-pressure the Huskies and I think it's caught the Dawgs a little off-guard.

10:00/1st: Washington is standing around on the offensive end after a missed shot. Nice to see Brockman get his game going. He's all hustle - nice to see some points come as a result of his effort.

9:09/1st: There's Hans Gasser again, making solid reads on the defensive end and bonus scoring punch. He's really earning his keep. And Appleby never saw a three he didn't like.

7:11/1st: Washington has regained control with the pace they want and the defensive pressure they need to be applying. But EWU's man pressure ain't shabby and they are making it tough for the Huskies to score on sets.

5:52/1st: The turnover count grows for EWU. They are now at 11.

4:30/1st: It was just a matter of time and Washington's persistence in pushing tempo is paying off. UW is still playing at a high rev, while the Eagle ball-pressure defense is starting to sag a little bit. There are holes in the middle of it, and Brandon Roy is exploiting those holes with nice cuts to the middle of the floor. He's either pulling back for uncontested jumpers or finding guys like Williams cutting to the bucket. Either way, the Eagles are outmanned and not in the condition they need to be to handle UW's depth and talent.

2:45/1st: The UW lineup is now Gasser, Appleby, Artem Wallace, Brandon Burmeister and Joel Smith. Gotta love these home cupcakes in December!

1 minute to half: Romar goes 2-3, just for fun. The Eagles are gassed, they need this time to recouperate if they want to try and keep this game at a respectable level. Just too much depth and too much pressure by UW so far.

Halftime: Appleby replaces Jones in the lineup. Is Bobby's ankle worse than previously thought? Appleby doesn't care, he just busts out a trey on UW's first possession of the second half.

17:48 left: An 11-2 run to start the second half has left little doubt that there's nothing in the Eagles' gas tank. To top it off, the Dawgpack is yelling at the EWU huddle during the timeout, so they can't think straight. Insult to injury indeed!

16:02 left: Jake Beitinger just picked up his fourth as Roy drives and pulls up. Roy misses the second, the first toss from the charity stripe the Huskies have missed in 11 attempts.

14:01 left: The Dawgs are piling it up. Now Romar is mixing in some trap, a little of this and a little of that - like Emeril at the spice rack. Roy is quietly getting his points and Brockman is getting more assertive on the offensive end. It doesn't hurt when guys like Gasser are getting you nice looks on the drive.

12:53 left: Gasser takes another charge. The guy just keeps making the right play. Joel Smith almost had an ESPN dunk but rattled it off to a chorus of 'oooohhh's. Williams is making every post move in Lew Alcindor's book - and making all the shots. The Eagles have decided to just turn it into a ratball fest, and UW is more than happy with that. It just means Appleby gets more chances to bury crowd-pleasin' threes.

9:22 left: Eastern is starting to find their stride, but they are down 21! It's too bad really, because they have the makings of a pretty good team. Decent play in the middle, good guards, well-coached. They just aren't in UW's league tonight.

8:16 leftBurmeister and Wallace are in, as Dentmon and Roy perform high-flying feats of magic by keeping the ball in and playing strong at the rim. Dave Libby just called a foul on Dentmon and 'Take His Whistle' immediately comes from the Dawgpack. He really does make some borderline calls - more than most.

6:25 left: Brockman just got his double-double. Stuckey goes in for an uncontested dunk and gets a golf clap from the Dawgpack.

5:36 left: Roy goes out with 25 points and 7 boards. A very workman-like performance for the senior. It's nice to see him bust out with some solid scoring punch. Looks like Roy is done for the night.

4:27 left: Brockman goes in for a dunk and gets slammed to the ground. Bounces up like he just hit a bed full of pillows. Gotta be some lead in that head somewhere. Gasser replaces Brockman to a nice ovation.

3:49 left: The subs are cleaning up nicely. Is it Potter time? Romar goes zone again, just for drill.

3:19 left: Speak of the devil, Zane comes into the game.

1:50 left: It's starting to get ugly, but not for EWU. UW needs to finish strong and they aren't. It's Potter, Burmeister, Appleby, Wallace and Gasser, and they have about as much chemistry as oil and water. Not mixing well.

Game Over: Thankfully time runs out on a game that had the makings of a blowout, but Romar called the dogs off with about five-and-a-half minutes left and the Eagles didn't quit. UW wins 91-74.

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