Jefferson talks about his commitment

It's been a good holiday season for Brandon Jefferson and his family. For the 6-foot-5, 310-pound offensive tackle from West Los Angeles College, he noted that as he gets older, he doesn't get as many presents as he used to for Christmas. Well, he may not have received too many trinkets, but he did get one large gift that didn't come wrapped in a box or adorned with ribbons and bows - peace of mind. He talked about it as being one of the main reasons he verbally committed to Washington.

"I cooked the turkey," Jefferson told this week with a tinge of pride in his voice. Then he added with a chuckle, "I have a little talent. It was great."

We asked Jefferson about the recruiting process - one he has hemmed and hawed about for some time. "I'm committed to the University of Washington," he said. "I did it when Coach Willingham came to the house and sat down and talked to my Mom and everybody. My Mom and my Grandmother - they got to see the man that I met when I went up there. Now they know the reason I want to go up there. They believe in coach Willingham as much as I do."

But Coach Willingham wasn't the only coach he mentioned. "I like Coach (Mike) Denbrock, he's a nice guy," Jefferson said. "He's pretty easy-going right now, but I'm pretty sure that by the time practice starts it's going to be a different picture."

We spoke with Jefferson after Willingham's visit, but he was reticent to let us in on his plans. Why? "I was ready to say that I was going to commit, but I didn't want other schools to stop being interested," he said. "A lot of my coaches were saying that a lot of schools hadn't tried to hit me up because they are still practicing for bowl games. But to tell you the truth, I feel like I already found my home at the University of Washington."

Jefferson obviously was wowed on his official visit to Seattle. "It was the fact that it was a cool place to go," he said. "I can be on my own and complete all my assignments and tasks. I can have fun and not get into too much trouble, and that's how I like it."

With the graduation of five offensive linemen at Washington, there's a need for Jefferson to make an immediate impact. "They plan on using me at either the left tackle or guard," he said when asked about what position the UW coaches want him at. "Either one. They just said come in and have a successful camp and get it rollin', come in and go straight, play right off the bat."

And if he had his way? "I like guard, because in-between the two guards and the d-tackles, that's where all the hittin' goes on, so that's where I want to be," he said with a chuckle.

While Washington signed three junior college players in December, Jefferson is on track to sign in February with big receiver Marcel Reece. "I just have to fulfill a couple more requirements," he said. "I just took a music class so that fulfills my humanities and arts. I just need to take a science class and history class. I'm taking a BYU math class to fulfill my math requirements, so after that it should just be an english class and I should be able to go."

Jefferson expects to report to Seattle in June with three years to play two starting in the fall of 2006.

When asked to describe his style of play, this is what Brandon said. "I play from whistle to whistle. I feel like I'm still improving, but I think they are going to get a hell of a player. I'm not going to stop, not going to quit until we're known as number-one on top of everybody else."

And anything else Washington fans need to know about Brandon and his commitment to the Huskies?

"I love Washington," he said.

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