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Winners of 32 straight at home and 11 straight overall, the Huskies welcome rival Arizona this morning at 11:00 AM. What better way to start the last day of 2005? For those few unable to access an FSN-filled television, follow along for a quick peek at the goings on at BOA.

Pre-game: A grand New Year's Eve morning to you all!! Well, it looks like they've called in the third-string for this morning's Cat-and-Dawg fight. And though it will be neigh impossible to fill for Fetters' fast fingers, here we will endeavor keep the sequence gaps chained properly. Oh, and I don't recommend Bank of America Arena fare for breakfast. Unless you like bouts of gout to start your day.
Tipoff: Everyone seemed to make it in the house. Lineups announced, Dawgpack in full voice. Let's get it on …
16:00, 1st half: Washington in man defense immediately. Jamaal wakes up the crowd early with a transition dunk off of good defense on top. Arizona starts in their typical Lute matchup zone. Free throws have been long early – perhaps the morning start? Lute already in the officials face from the get-go. Bobby Jones with nice jumper from the right bank and Washington off to a nice 5-2 start. Then the Dawgs get a little helter-skelter trying to transition, resulting in a couple of quick turnovers. At the first break, UW 5, AZ 4.
12:00, 1st half: Appleby pops a trey right off the bench, giving the Dawgs a 10-8 lead as they trade hoops early. Adams and Roy get into the fray with twin 18-foot jumpers, and Marcus Williams and Jamaal Williams trade the same way from the inside. It appears that the two teams have woken up. However, Washington has their seventh team foul already at the 13:28 mark. Hassan blows a layup in transition, and Jamaal draws a block from Shakur on the other end. UW now in a 2-3 zone. At the break, it's UW 16, AZ 14.
8:00, 1st half: Arizona picking up the floor pace now, and UW obliging. The Husky bench is shorter today, only eight have played in the first nine minutes. Brandon faces Radenovic and calmly pops a three. Shakur tries the same but is wide left. But Ivan keeps getting inside position on the glass, his free throws keeping the Wildcats close. A GREAT spin move by Jamaal gets the Huskies a five-point lead, then Appleby transitions a three into an eight-point cushion. As the crowd goes apoplectic, the Wildcats get three cracks on the other end, punctuated by an Adams drive and an "and-one". At the break, and to the tune of "take his whistle", it's UW 28, AZ 22.
4:00, 1st half: To a steady chorus of "we want new refs", Arizona getting the bulk of the calls, but continually miss threes. As Jamaal gets hacked at the 5:31 mark, the crowd stands as one in derisive cheers for the whistle. It's 10-5 in the foul department, and Washington continues to have trouble with the cross-court pass against the match-up. Roy feeds Williams on a nice transition after a Shakur miss, but then Adams replies with a quick trey. He then draws his second foul in the ensuing possession, something UW might want to exploit before the half. Dentmon gets run over by Shakur after launching a three, but no whiste. At the break: UW 30, AZ 27.
Halftime: Arizona is certainly efforting with Washington, but their shooting percentage is abysmal. After a short Dentmon jumper extends the Husky lead to 34-27, Olson calls timeout and berates the officials for a couple of non-calls (frankly, it has been called even, if not too consistent). Appleby hits his third trey of the morning after a Bobby Jones block, extending the lead to ten for the time being. Dentmon then picks Rodgers clean, and with the shot clock running down, Appleby drains his fourth - about a 30-footer. Suddenly at the break, it's Washington 40, Arizona 27.
Halftime stats: Appleby 12, Williams 10, Roy 9 lead the way. Arizona shot just 28 percent from the floor, and Washington out-rebound the Wildcats 24-16, led by Roy's six. Here we go to start the second half.
18:00 2nd half: Shakur opens the frame with a corner trey. Adams gets a two off a Husky turnover, and Arizona trims it to eight in the first minute. Roy replies with an "and-one" in the lane. Hassan Adams comes right back with a right-side three, as Arizona has come out red-hot. Brockman gets his first two, then Rodgers hits a three of his own, as the ‘Cats score 11 points in two minutes. Lute Olson keeps on harping at the officials during the Husky timeout, claiming Rodgers was fouled. UW 45, AZ 38.
16:00 2nd half: Arizona pressuring full-court now. Adams draws his third foul at the 18:10 mark. Jamaal with a nice jumper, followed by a Shakur drive for two and a quick Husky turnover. It's apparent that Arizona thinks it can out-athlete UW, and so far it's working during this comeback. Washington playing lickety-split, and are having trouble with flailing Wildcat hands. Dentmon with a scramble hoop underneath at the 17:00 mark. Jensen to make an early appearance after a Radenovic put-back brings Arizona back to within five. Bobby Jones makes fine block at the rim on Rad, but then turns it over to Shakur and gives up a foul in the process. At the break: UW 49, AZ 44.
10:00, 2nd half: Wow. Shakur gets and easy turnover and easier two … but dribbles it off his knee. Roy says "THANK YOU" and hits a short jumper, but Adams replies with his fourth trey of the contest. It's tightening, for sure. Brandon looks like he wants to take over, hitting a three from the right. After a pair of wild scrambles results in nothing but a lot of noise from the crowd (who is just about as loud as you can get right now), Radenovic quiets them with a drive and a layup. Olson imploring the refs to call five seconds on Dentmon, but Shakur instead draws a blocking foul. Up to this point, UW has 15 turnovers – many unforced - to Arizona's six. At the half, the Wildcats were 1-15 from the three-point arc, but have since hit five straight coming out of halftime. Jon Brockman then has a wonderful tipin, followed by a transition dunk by Joel Smith off an Arizona miss. Adams quiets the din with his FIFTH three. At the break: UW 60, AZ 54.
8:00 2nd half: Roy comes out of the break with his patented left-handed drive, restoring the lead to eight. Joel Smith then swats Adams' lane effort right to Lute Olson, to delight of the 'Pack. Adams then finally misses a long-ranger, and Jamaal follows with a transition two. Marcus Williams – so far pretty quiet – hits a sixteen-footer before picking up his third foul. Shakur hits a trey after a woeful block-out effort by Washington gets the ‘Cats a second and third try at the hoop. Both teams now at six team fouls. Jensen clearly gassed as he leaves for Gasser (no pun intended). At the break: UW 64, AZ 59. It's getting intense down there … and up here.
5:00 2nd half: Looks like Washington is aiming to isolate Jamaal Williams inside in this segment. Adams, Rodgers, and Shakur all have three fouls for the ‘Cats. Jamaal hits one-of-two at the stripe. Shakur is hurting Washington with his dribble penetration and kick-out. A Chris Rodgers three pulls Arizona to within three, and you can sense some trepidation in the crowd. But with these two teams, this sort of contest is expected. Off a long rebound, Marcus Williams is fouled and his freebie pulls the Wildcats within two. The teams trade turnovers (Washington up to 18 for the game now), and it figures to be close to the end. At the break: UW 69, AZ 67.
Second overtime: Whoa, big gap - power problems. Tired legs abound as the teams keep trading one-for-two at the charity stripe. Washington was a tad guilty of a bit of celebrating Roy's three to end the first OT, and Arizona gets the jump. Adams and Jamaal Williams trade layins off of middle drives. Marcus Williams asserts himself with a pair of jumpers. Roy gets a put-back, but fouls out with 50 ticks left on a Radenovic offensive board. :54 left, it's AZ 95, UW 94.
End of Game: Our apologies, folks … just found out the lengthy double-overtime took care of all the remaining laptop power we had, so sorry for the gap, and for a couple of posts missing. By now, you all know that Arizona outlasted Washington 96-95, as a desperation three-pointer (really, about 35 feet) by Ryan Appleby fell short. I won't bother with too many specifics (though we DO have power back, obviously) … but there were tired legs out there to end it. Brandon Roy - whose magic in making frame-ending threes in both regulation and after the first overtime may get him POW honors even in a losing cause – Jamaal Williams, and Bobby Jones all missed big free throws, as well as nearly everyone on the Arizona roster. It was exhausting. It was intense. And it is only the start of a three-month circus that will be the PAC-10 race.

We will have Lorenzo Romar quotes up as soon as we get them. That's it from this neck of Hec Ed.

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