Trip Report: Jake Locker

Jake Locker took his official visit to Washington this past weekend, but for the quarterback from Ferndale, Wash., it was as much about recruiting some key components to the UW program as much as it was about him learning more about the school he'll be spending the next four or five years of his life at.

"We weren't trying to force them into anything, but hopefully we made an impact on 'em," Locker said of his role as recruiter. Two of the top prospects on the west coast in Steve Schilling and Stafon Johnson were in town, and the Huskies wanted to represent their best face. Enter Locker, and his presence as Washington's future on offense. "I think they realize what kind of school and what kind of program this is going to be in the next couple of years."

Locker took time with both Johnson and Schilling. Here are his impressions on both:
Stafon Johnson: "He's a great kid, really nice. I enjoyed talking to him. He's kind of quiet, but he was very polite."
Steve Schilling: "We talked and hung out quite a bit. We're trying to get him to play with us, but he doesn't always let us know what he's thinking. He can be hard to read at times. But they had great things for us and I felt like everyone had a great time on their visit."

Ryan Perkins was Jake's host. "Just being able to meet the guys that are on the team now," Locker said when asked to pick out a highlight. "They are really cool. They made you feel like you're part of the team already. It was fun spending time with them."

Locker also learned more about the faculty-staff relationship, and how they work together to give student-athletes at Washington their best chance at earning a degree. "They are behind us and want to see us succeed in the classroom as well," Locker said of the impression the faculty made on him this weekend. "That's very cool."

Tim Lappano and Tyrone Willingham also got their share of face time with the future Husky signal-caller. "I spent a lot of time talking to both of them," Locker said. "They are excited to get going for next year and were excited about the guys that we had in this weekend.

"It was a fun weekend, it was good."

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