Sedillo to trip north

With two weeks left before signing day, more names come out of the woodwork. And in what can only be seen as an ironic twist, the Washington Huskies are going to trip their second Hall of Champions All-San Diego Section Team offensive lineman to Seattle in the hopes that they might find UW to their liking. The first one? Cody Pope. The second? Matt Sedillo.

Sedillo is a 6-foot-3, 290-pound offensive lineman from Orange Glen High School in Escondido, Calif., a suburb of San Diego. His inclusion into the Hall of Champions All-San Diego Section Team with Pope - who shunned Washington for Tennessee Monday - wasn't unexpected. His lack of recruitment appears to be a little more puzzling.

"It probably boils down to me, actually," Orange Glen football coach Kraig Broach told "It's my second year here. The first year, Matt wasn't on the scope because it was my first year. His name didn't get out there."

Despite the lack of attention, Sedillo still earned second-team all-league honors as a junior. But even then, school just weren't sniffing around Orange Glen. They just weren't on the radar.

"We haven't traditionally a winning program here, so that all feeds into it. And with somebody like Matt, he's going to be on the edge. He's going to need to be pushed. I think the world of him and someone needs to take a chance on him. He wants to play football, it's as simple as that."

But this year, through his hard work, Sedillo has opened some eyes. Colleges are starting to notice and Broach thinks he has what it takes to play D1.

"He decided in the off-season to make himself bigger, stronger and faster, which he did," Broach said of Sedillo. "And he's an intense individual who has a nasty streak and it really showed up his senior year. Guys are taking notice of that. When you see an offensive lineman run 35 yards downfield to make an extra block, that will open up some eyes right there."

Sedillo has already taken an official visit to Weber State, and they have offered him a scholarship. "He's taking a trip up to Washington this weekend and it looks like Montana is starting to see what they are going to do," Broach said.

Montana State and Cal-Poly are also in the picture. We'll have more with Matt soon. Top Stories