Agnis wanting to be wanted

Brian Agnis is a 6-foot-5, 315-pound lineman from Mission Bay High School in San Diego, Calif., and Agnis, along with his Buccaneer teammates, suffered a lot of heartbreak in their season. They lost 7-5 in the state semifinals to Santa Fe Christian on a blown call. But Agnis got in his shots along the way. He's hoping to get more shots in with a college scholarship, and one school is on the cusp of giving him what he's been looking for.

"We showed them (referees) the film and the referees said it was a touchdown," Agnis said of the controversial end to Mission Bay's season. "And that game would have gotten us to Qualcomm (Stadium for the finals)."

But when you ask Agnis about the high points in his season, he talks about a couple of blocks that bring nothing but unfettered glee in his voice. "We were killing Serra and I went out to block on a screen pass," Agnis said about his first highlight. "I laid out a corner and he fell back into two more guys. I laid three guys out! So I got up and started screaming and the whole crowd was going wild. It was crazy."

And the second? "We were playing Hoover and we fumbled the ball four times on the one-yard line. That happens like once in a million years," Agnis said. "So we were losing it, and I just grabbed a defender and buried him. I was on the left side and I drove him all the way out of the right sideline. When I was on top of him, he was like, 'Why are you so mad?'

"I'm relentless. I have an attitude when I'm out on the field. I'm aggressive and I let the other team know I am."

Agnis' play earned him first-team Western League and Hall of Champions San Diego section honors. He is considered one of the top-25 recruits in San Diego county. So with that resume, the first question that comes up is, 'Why the lack of recruiting attention?'

Agnis thinks his focus toward the Buccaneers' season may have played a part. "I was getting phone calls, but it kind of hurt my recruiting a little bit," he said. "They wanted me to visit them during my season."

Schools like Idaho and UNLV decided to sign JC players instead of offer Agnis. "Boston College showed me a lot of interest too, but I was their No. 2 guy and they got their No. 1 guy," he said.

Now it's the Washington Huskies that have come calling.

"This weekend I'm going up to Washington, I'm going up to visit them," said Agnis. "I was talking to their coach (Kent Baer) and I told him that the earlier the offer the better, because I'd probably commit to your school. He said that they wouldn't bring me up unless they were going to offer. So I'm going there. And then there's Kansas and Army, but I don't really want to go to Army.

"All I have to do is call Army and they'll set up a visit. And with Kansas, I told them that I'll wait until the Washington trip, see how that goes. They want me to go after the Washington trip."

Baer visited Agnis Tuesday, and he also has a visit set up with Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham Monday morning.

Agnis, from his own remarks, has a pretty strong leader. "Washington, they really want me," he said. "And the school that really wants me, that's where I want to go."

If an offer does come, will Agnis pull the trigger on a verbal commitment? "I do have to talk to my Mom and my coaches to see where the best school is, but I think the earlier the offer, that's probably where I'll end up going," he said. Top Stories